Toolkit: Youth Local Councils

Youth Local Councils

About the Youth Local Council Program: 
youth shadow councilA Youth Local Council (YLC) is a voluntary body composed of youth aged between 15-20 years old who are elected by their peers to mirror the positions of their local council and receive various trainings to strengthen their capacity and prepare them to function out of their own offices at the local councils themselves. The driving idea behind such YLCs is that a democratically elected youth voluntary body would be instrumental in voicing the youth needs and facilitating their participation at the local level and in bridging the gap between the local government institutions and this very important demographic sector. The YLCs do not represent political parties, but rather serve as elected representatives with a direct democratic mandate to give young people a voice and serve youth interests. Global Communities first developed Youth Local Councils in Palestine in 2008 with 700 youth; today there are some 20,000 youth in 20 communities across the West Bank involved in YLCs, and Global Communities has expanded the YLC model in Honduras and, most recently, Ukraine.

honduras youth local councils global communitiesYLCs are one mechanism for promoting youth participation in public life as they provide youth with a platform for representation and voicing youth concerns in their local governments, more channels for active civic and social participation in their communities, and the chance to learn first-hand about democratic good governance both in theory and actual practice. With the support and guidance of the partner civil society organizations their local government counterparts, the youth councilors assume defined roles and implement activities of their choice and design.

Youth Local Council Toolkit
This toolkit contains four guiding manuals that were developed based on the rich and diverse experiences of the first 13 Youth Local Councils established. This sustainability toolkit is a genuine attempt to unify the basis of forming and activating Youth Local Councils, while preserving their distinguished identity and objectives. It is hoped that this model develops and provides the youth with the outlet to direct their activism, energies, and potentials towards community development.
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