Jul 06, 2013
Revitalizing Communities through Employment and Infrastructure With funding from USAID, Global Communities began implementing projects in Georgia in 2004 offering vocational training and employment opportunities in construction while rehabilitating community-prioritized major infrastructure. The goal was to help Georgian communities to achieve greater self-sufficiency and stability by improving essential infrastructure services and enhancing local economic development. At the community level, these initiatives have helped to support agriculture and tourism, two sectors which have tremendous potential for the economic well-being of Georgia’s rural population. Global Communities also helped facilitate public-private partnerships with the... Read more
Jul 12, 2012
Georgia Sheds its Soviet Past for a New Generation By David Weiss, President and CEO of CHF International This article originally appeared in the Huffington Post. The Georgian word "bavshvi" means child. Until last year, the most vulnerable of Georgia's children lived in danger of falling through the cracks of a society struggling to shed its Soviet past. When the country gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, the government inherited a system that placed children in need of state assistance in large, one-size-fits-all institutions. Conditions in these institutions were harsh. The buildings were old and unclean, workers were undervalued, and children lived in... Read more
Aug 15, 2010
CHF International: From Relief to Development CHF International is an international development and humanitarian relief organization whose mission in responding to emergencies is to bring development into relief at the earliest possible time. In the last few years we have taken this philosophy into our responses in Haiti, Georgia, Gaza and Indonesia, with correspondingly successful results, both in terms of immediate relief and long-term sustainable change. We have three main approaches to our emergency response: Shelter
CHF has nearly 60 years experience in housing and shelter. In an emergency, after the initial basic shelter, families need “transitional” shelter. This means safe and sanitary... Read more
Feb 25, 2010
CHF Project Supports Tomato Farmers in Georgia: New Cold Storage Space for Rustavi Vegetables This story originally appeared in Georgia Today. By Noemmie Coppin The Georgian tomatoes that are cherished every summer could now be available all year long. USAID supported the opening, on Friday, Feb. 5, of a new cold storage facility for the Birliki farmers in Rustavi. This equipment will extend the selling season and make it possible for the local farmers to meet the continuous demand of the Vegini and Populi supermarkets for fresh Georgian vegetables. Located within the smokestacks, rusty cranes and crumbling buildings of Rustavi is Energy Investor, which will construct the cooler. Energy Investor is one of the largest... Read more
Oct 13, 2009
New Project Generates More Food Production By Ernest Petrosyan This article originally appeared in The Messenger, Georgia, October 8, 2009 On October 6 the farmers of Saimerlo, Marneuli, the Marneuli Processing Company, and the USAID-supported Georgia Employment and Infrastructure Initiative (GEII), run by CHF International-Georgia, hosted an event demonstrating the success of linking small-scale farmers to upscale markets and introducing new farming techniques to rural areas.
Sep 11, 2009
  Interview with Milton Funes: Honduras Meets Georgia Georgia’s transition to a free-market democracy has accelerated since the Rose Revolution of November 2003, but many rural communities have yet to experience the benefits of change. Soviet-era infrastructure is poorly constructed and not functioning at full capacity. In addition, the recent conflict with Russia has threatened to destabilize parts of the country. As part of CHF’s USAID-funded Georgia Employment and Infrastructure Initiative (GEII), a program focused on improving employment and entrepreneurship, CHF was asked to look into schools rehabilitation in Gori and Kareli, areas that had been at the center of the 2008 conflict, along the borders of the break away regions South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Many schools had been... Read more
Aug 19, 2009
Georgia: Hard Work Plus Knowledge Equals Tourism Success Tourist demand, optimal location and timely assistance turned out to be a winning combination for Sergo’s guesthouse. Sergo Maisuradze is a new guesthouse owner in Georgia’s southern region of Samtskhe-Javakheti whose dreams came true with the help of the USAID supported Georgia Employment and Infrastructure Initiative (GEII). After being approved for a small start up grant in 2007, Sergo began constructing his very own guesthouse, which lies near a much visited tourist destination.  In Sergo’s backyard lies what remains of the ancient Tmogvi fortress. Visiting tourists often used to ask Sergo for permission to rest in the fortress’ shadow, a place where he would frequently offer them coffee or tea. Sergo always knew he had a... Read more
Jul 07, 2009
CHF Helps IDPs in Berbuki Rebuild Their Lives Reprinted from the Messenger Online, By Etuna Tsotniashvili Levan Burnadze has started a new life in the IDP settlement in Berbuki, in the Gori region. A “double IDP” as he calls himself, because he has had to flee from both Tskhinvali and subsequently Tamarasheni, he is now getting used to his new place and examining new opportunities. Burnadze runs a small business now; he owns a store in the settlement and sells mainly food and drink. CHF International’s USAID-supported Georgia Emergency Livelihood and Shelter Programme (GELS) has helped him construct a new store bigger than the ones there previously, as there was a demand for this in the settlement. Burnadze is not the... Read more
Jun 02, 2009
Sunny Holidays in Rural Georgia Source: Georgia Today Georgia – a country full of sun. You will experience sunny days in the mountains, sunny days by the seaside – beauty everywhere you turn and every season. The Georgian people are famous for their hospitality. People who know how to receive guests with a heart filled with warmth and brightness of the Georgian sun. Many people still believe in the ancient Georgian saying - “The sun rises when a guest comes”. The best way to experience all this together is to spend a country holiday in rural Georgia. Sadly, the tourism sector is expected to be less bright for the country. The Russian-Georgian war has... Read more
Mar 17, 2009

/*-->*/ Georgia: Coordinator Makes Village Mighty through Smart Work In 2006 CHF’s USAID supported Georgia Employment and Infrastructure Initiative implemented three community investment and infrastructure projects in Javakhi village, Dmanisi municipality, Kvemo Kartli region. The projects aimed at rehabilitating community power and potable water supply systems and improving a vegetable collection and quality packaging center. Central to the success of these projects has been the work of John Aduashvili, chairman of LORE association funded by the Small Grant Program of the US Embassy’s Democracy Commission. The association is assisting farmers and agriculture stakeholders of Dmanisi municipality. It cooperates with various international and local organizations... Read more
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