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Nov 20, 2019
Managing access to water in the so-called Dry Corridor is key to economic and food security in the Central American country. Reporting/photo: Teresa Welsh, Article production: Naomi Mihara
This article was originally published on the Devex website. San Antonio del Norte, HONDURAS — The pavement winds south through the Honduran countryside as pine forests shift gradually into the dry lowlands of the country’s drought-prone region. The new road, known as the Dry Channel, connects the Pacific and Atlantic sides of the country for the first time. For now, the road runs mostly through remote... Read more
Sep 03, 2019

Global Communities CEO David Weiss of Silver Spring, Md. and Steve Beard, Moline Global Communities director, are in front of the office in the Floreciente neighborhood in Moline. Photo: John Schultz, By Jim Menan This article was originally published in the Muscatine Journal. MOLINE — There was much to celebrate for Flourishing Communities. But the bigger question Friday night at The Seed, Sprout and Flourish event at Mercado on Fifth on 12th Street and Fifth Avenue Moline is “should, Flourishing Communities be making future plans?” That answer won’t come until... Read more
Aug 29, 2019
By Harry Sanderson This article was originally published on the US Global Leadership Coalition website Over his 23-year career, Angel David Rodriguez has gradually incorporated health topics into his classroom curriculum at the suggestion of the Honduran Ministry of Health. As a math and science teacher, Rodriguez never imagined he’d be working hands-on as a medical volunteer himself. But, with the rapid spread of the Zika virus in Honduras, Rodriguez jumped into action. With help from the U.S. Agency for International... Read more
Aug 05, 2019
Community leaders formed through the Sowing Futures PACE program share experiences and help students from the new class of leaders grow As she tells her story, Adriana Ferreira’s pensive eyes show the culmination of a dream that she might not have even imagined possible: being a source of inspiration in other people's lives. Adriana, a 40-year old mother of three children and soon to be grandmother, is a community development volunteer and the President of the Alvorada neighborhood association in Horizontina. The community leader graduated from the Community Participatory Management (PACE) course in 2016 and has been actively working in her community ever since. With a new class of community leaders undergoing the same PACE training, Adriana now has the opportunity of sharing her... Read more
Jul 24, 2019
The residents of Jardim Nova América, in Campinas/SP now have a leisure space for families to enjoy. After months of dedication, during which community leaders from the neighborhood association were committed to carrying out the park revitalization project, the space will be handed over to the community. The project, supported by the Sowing Futures Community Fund, made it possible for residents to realize an old dream. Global Communities community development expert Daiane Martins points out that the project takes on one of the improvements mapped for the neighborhood. “One of the demands identified by community leaders was the lack of leisure spaces. The neighborhood is very large and has virtually no entertainment options. After identifying this opportunity for improvement, the group... Read more
Jul 05, 2019
UnityPoint Health-Trinity community health advocate Carolina Granja laughs during a press conference in Moline. Photo credit: Meg McLaughlin/ Source: The Dispatch Argus The Floreciente neighborhood now has its own community health advocate, through a fund partially granted by Global Communities, which will help advance health while also offering better access to care for Floreciente residents. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Carolina Granja, who practiced medicine in her home country of Mexico but who cannot practice here, graduated from Black Hawk College also in part through a grant from Global Communities, which is implementing the project with the support of the John Deere Foundation. The bilingual nurse is tasked with meeting individuals at home or at... Read more
Jun 19, 2019
Senior Director of Resilient Communities, Randy Lyness spoke at the 2019 InterAction Annual Forum where he represented Global Communities on a panel, Collaborative Lessons Learned from Colombia Displacement Response Applicable to a Venezuela Response. Multiple organizations, including Global Communities, Blumont and Mercy Corps, have decades of experience responding to the internal displacement in Colombia, which has resulted in direct immediate support to over two million IDPs as well as increased capacity of the Government of Colombia to directly provide support.  In recent years, the Venezuelan crisis has compounded the Government’s ability to provide support to vulnerable IDPs, as over a million migrants have fled to Colombia. ... Read more
Jun 11, 2019
Global Communities’ Sowing Futures program, funded by the John Deere Foundation (JDF), applies Global Communities’ Participatory Action for Community Enhancement (PACE) methodology for community development, youth engagement and institutional strengthening in southern Brazil. The program’s first phase, which began in late 2014, was implemented in 10 communities in and around Horizontina, Brazil (the location of one of John Deere’s factories in the region). The second phase, which began in early 2018, expanded these activities to Indaiatuba and Campinas in Brazil, as well as across the border in Rosario, Argentina. The PACE methodology is well aligned with USAID’s Collaborating... Read more
Jun 10, 2019
Zika, the mosquito-borne virus that can cause birth defects was rampant in Honduras three years ago, with about 36,000 cases, and a fear that the number could only rise. This year as Global Communities’ USAID-funded Nuestra Salud (Our Health) program ends there are only about 600 cases. The success is greatly due to the training of 1,200 community volunteers and 1,100 teachers to change behaviors in their neighborhoods through understanding of mosquito sites and breeding conditions and education on the sexual transmission of Zika. One of these volunteers is Don Héctor, 59, a long-time leader in his community of Colonia Flor del Campo near Tegucigalpa. Part of his work is to educate his neighbors that they must rid the area of unnecessary standing water to eliminate... Read more
Jun 06, 2019
Come listen to Director of Program Operations Randy Lyness speak at the 2019 InterAction Annual Forum where he will represent Global Communities on a panel, Collaborative Lessons Learned from Colombia Displacement Response Applicable to a Venezuela Response. Multiple organizations have decades of experience responding to the internal displacement in Colombia, working toward collective impacts in the lives of IDPs and host communities.  In recent years, the Venezuelan crisis has resulted in thousands of refugees fleeing to Colombia. Lyness and practitioners from Bluemont and Mercy Corps will discuss how their collective impacts and lessons in IDP programming are shaping their Venezuela response programs, and Portfolio Growth Manager Sarah Henshaw will moderate the panel. ... Read more
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