Jan 30, 2020
Ricardo Donoso is the deputy director of the No. 422 High School in Granadero Baigorria. For more than 10 years, he has been working side-by-side with the school’s principal, Rossana Inveninato, and where, in reality, the school has become a second home through which a large number of kids pass through to receive their training for life. At High School No. 422, about 950 students cycle through the classrooms in different shifts. As what often happens in many schools, they run into an issue when it comes to physical education, as the dedicated gym facilities are not enough to hold all the students for these activities which are fundamental to their development and interaction. However the school did have some potential. “The incredible thing is that we have the advantage... Read more
Jun 11, 2019
Global Communities’ Sowing Futures program, funded by the John Deere Foundation (JDF), applies Global Communities’ Participatory Action for Community Enhancement (PACE) methodology for community development, youth engagement and institutional strengthening in southern Brazil. The program’s first phase, which began in late 2014, was implemented in 10 communities in and around Horizontina, Brazil (the location of one of John Deere’s factories in the region). The second phase, which began in early 2018, expanded these activities to Indaiatuba and Campinas in Brazil, as well as across the border in Rosario, Argentina. The PACE methodology is well aligned with USAID’s Collaborating... Read more
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