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May 29, 2018
Video: John Deere Foundation and Global Communities Partnership Global Communities has been partnering with the John Deere Foundation since 2012 to implement community development projects in the vicinity of Deere’s operations in India, Brazil and the US. Our programs create long-lasting, community-led change by organizing multiple stakeholders in development decisions affecting their lives and their neighborhoods. Across all three countries our programs have impacted over 20,000 people to date. In addition to the program impacts, the partnership between Global Communities and John Deere, which has co-created programs abroad and in the US, is unique and noteworthy. In this video, learn about some of the positive community changes that our partnership programs are making in John Deere home... Read more
Nov 02, 2017
Global Communities and Unidos por Puerto Rico Team Up for Recovery Effort Silver Spring, November 2, 2017 -- Global Communities has partnered with Unidos por Puerto Rico to help repair homes near San Juan that were badly damaged by Hurricane Maria. Support to Maria Survivors will focus on providing roof repair and mold removal support to families impacted by Hurricane Maria. The three-month, $200,000 partnership is urgently needed in the ongoing recovery effort and will provide families with a safe place to recover, both mentally and physically, with dignity. The Support to Maria Survivors Program will coordinate and manage youth volunteers trained by licensed Puerto Rican architects to install either zinc roof repair kits or tarp kits, and provide an... Read more
Sep 29, 2017
Hurricane Response: Supporting Vulnerable Communities in Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico as a Category 4 hurricane, striking the Caribbean island with devastating levels of rain and winds up to 155 miles per hour. Other islands throughout the Caribbean have been hit repeatedly by enormously destructive hurricanes this season, causing homelessness, loss of power, sanitation problems and many other challenges for families throughout the region.
Rubble removal, Haiti Earthquake Global Communities is responding to the situation in Caribbean, with staff in Puerto Rico assessing the situation and coordinating closely with partners on the ground to ensure we bring the most vital assistance to the most vulnerable people. Global Communities has a... Read more
May 01, 2017
Global Communities Wins Community Leadership Award from Greater Quad Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Global Communities received the Community Leadership award from the Greater Quad Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for our work in the Floreciente community of Moline, Illinois, last week. Annisa Wanat, Flourishing Communities Project Director, thanked the Hispanic community for welcoming us at the start of the program 18 months ago and asked that all the neighbors and partners in attendance to stand up and be recognized as well, as community-led development is pointless without good partners. The new board of the Floreciente Association joined the Flourishing Communities team at the event and everyone cheered heartily as a Floreciente-... Read more
Apr 27, 2017
Global Communities Moline: Floreciente Association Emerges Floreciente is a largely Hispanic, lower-income neighborhood in Moline, IL. The close-knit area has a history of organizing around cultural issues and  standing up to gangs. But as the community has aged, no young leaders have emerged to take their place. Their weakened organization became apparent in 2015, when the neighborhood could not generate enough support to keep the local elementary school from closing.  But they knew they needed to organize  and present a unified voice to public officials to ensure decision-making that reflected the needs of  the community. To this end, the Flourishing Communities program is working in the Floreciente neighborhood working to create long-lasting, community-led change by organizing and... Read more
Nov 09, 2016
Video: Social Entrepreneurship Conference in Moline A new social entrepreneurship series by Western Illinois University took a closer look at the ongoing revitalization efforts in Moline's Floreciente neighborhood. Global Communities is implementing the Flourishing Communities program, funded by the John Deere Foundation, in Floreciente and engaging residents to reinvigorate the  neighborhood and improve the quality of life. The panel discussion was open to the WIU campus community and the public and included Annisa Wanat, project director from Global Communities. The series offered a platform for projects such as Floreciente's revitalization efforts to raise awareness with WIU's students, faculty and staff as well as the community and to inspire young entrepreneurs to... Read more
Aug 08, 2016
*/ Community Development in Floreciente: Always Start with Petunias Moline, Illinois, USA – The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Valley (BGCMV) has been an integral part of the Floreciente community since it opened its first club in the neighborhood in 1994. Their presence has since expanded to include a Teen Center as well as administrative offices for the entire Quad Cities area. Whereas the BGCMV is highly regarded among community members for their youth programming, their Administration Building – located in the center of the neighborhood – needed to be repaved to deter people from leaving their cars unattended on the lot. 
The BGCMV Administration Building is a vital, albeit run-down building, centrally located in the Floreciente neighborhood.... Read more
Jul 14, 2016

Photo by John Schultz, Quad-City Times Grab a brush and lend a hand: Volunteers add color to Floreciente neighborhood  This article originally appeared in the Quad-City Times 
Written by Amanda Hancock Ask anybody here if a few buckets of paint can make a difference in the Floreciente neighborhood of Moline, and they won’t hesitate. They’ll look around, paint brushes in hand, at the other volunteers, at the nearly finished mural on the ground, at the kids drawing with chalk nearby, and they’ll ask if you want to join in. For the next two weekends, you can. The Boys and Girls Club building in Moline is getting a... Read more
Jun 20, 2016
Efforts Unite Neighbors in Floreciente By Jennifer DeWitt jdewitt@qctimes.com This article originally appeared in the Quad City Times. Moline's Floreciente neighborhood has long been a place for new beginnings. In the early days, Belgians and Swedes settled into the city's west end to begin their new lives in America. The neighborhood later became central to the Greek community. Today, it is home to a mostly Hispanic population of first-, second- and third-generation families. Like those before them, they are pursuing the American dream — to earn a living, raise families and own a home while holding... Read more
Feb 04, 2016
Community Development in Moline, IL Global Communities is funded by the John Deere Foundation in Moline. The Floreciente neighborhood was chosen for this program because of its proximity to two John Deere facilities. Global Communities is engaging residents of the
Floreciente community of Moline to reinvigorate the historic neighborhood and improve the quality of life of its residents. Global Communities will use the same participatory approaches to create long-lasting, positive and community-led change that have been successful in John Deere-funded programs already underway in Brazil and India. The specific objectives of the Moline program are to:  Empower residents to implement neighborhood revitalization... Read more
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