Jul 06, 2018
Cooperatives in Post-transition Poland   Cooperative Housing Legacy 1991 to Present Day From 1991- 2000, Global Communities, then known as CHF International, worked in post-transition Poland under funding from USAID, seeking to help cooperatives re-establish themselves as organizations capable of delivering housing and addressing some of the key housing issues in the newly forming market economy. After learning from a small pilot program, Global Communities began the Agency to Support Housing Initiatives (AWIM) training program which worked to expand the capacity of local facilitators to create cooperative housing. Small and run according to democratic principles, these new cooperatives were doing things differently, allowing members... Read more
Dec 14, 2017
What Does Sustainability Look Like 17 Years Later? A Return to Poland.   This article originally appeared in the Huffington Post   At the heart of global development is the question of sustainability. How can we ensure that our investments in emerging economies have a positive impact beyond the end of program funding? Development programs funded by institutional donors or foundations tend to have a limited lifespan – three or five years, for example. After that, the program closes. Global development organizations often cannot go back later and study what, if any, long-term impact the program may have had.   In some cases, Global Communities is in the unusual... Read more
Jul 13, 2012
Cooperative Development Cooperatives are internationally recognized mechanisms for effectively developing financial and economic growth for like members within an economy. In the development context, cooperative structures have proven to be a successful strategy for individuals to pool resources and skills toward a common economic goal and can be especially so in transitional economies where people often lack capital or access to capital and where vocational or technical skills are limited.  As a methodology, cooperative development is inherently local, building on the identified mutual needs of community members, the pooling of resources, sharing of expertise and leveraging of collaborative efforts to achieve levels of effort that could not have been attained individually.... Read more
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