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Apr 03, 2007
Empowering Women in the West Bank and Gaza
Nov 26, 2006
Women’s Involvement in Local Leadership: Facilitating Effective and Sustainable Participation in Community Organizations and Democratic Culture Building The Women’s Involvement in Local Leadership (WILL) research program was designed to examine the factors believed to contribute to the cultivation of sustainable and credible women’s leadership at the local level in conflict-affected communities in Colombia, Iraq and Serbia. The research focused particularly on: project formulation and implementation aimed at promoting greater and more democratic participation among women in local and community organizations; and the respective roles that men and women play within the observed economic and social settings, and the impact of these roles on women’s participation and leadership. The... Read more
Mar 14, 2006
HIV/AIDS and Gender Issues Advanced During CHF International CHAMP Forum in Rwanda SILVER SPRING, Md., March 14, 2006 – Nearly 400 Rwandan women and men from a range of professional and socioeconomic backgrounds gathered together on the occasion of International Women’s Day for a forum that examined the feminization of HIV/AIDS, and celebrated both the country’s achievements and the anticipated challenges to come. The forum, entitled, “The Role of Female Leadership in the Fight against HIV/AIDS,” was sponsored by CHF International’s Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Program (CHAMP)–which is supported by the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief through the US Agency for International Development–and by the Rwandan government’s national HIV/AIDS coordination body, the Commission... Read more
Mar 07, 2006
CHF Celebrates International Women's Day On March 8, 2009, CHF joins the international community in recognizing International Women’s Day, initiated worldwide in 1909. On this day, CHF International is proud to salute and honor the millions of women around the world striving each day to improve the social, economic, and environmental conditions of their families and their communities. Just some of the heroines we honor today: INDIA: Kasturiben is helping the women of her urban community improve access to financial services.
more... ARMENIA: With a brave face and a positive attitude, Anush Margaryan found work to support her daughter and granddaughter.
more... Read more
Feb 03, 2006
Success Story from India: Women's Empowerment with Financial Services Madrasi-ni-Chali, in India's western state Gujrat, is the home of 37-year-old Kasturiben who is now the ‘leader’ of Madrasi-ni-Chali’s Community Based Organisation (CBO). Kasturiben is a second generation resident of Madrasi-ni-Chali. Since her family converses in Tamil and most of the residents of this community are descendants from Madras in the south, Kasturiben seldom felt the need to be familiarized with Gujarati. As a CBO leader, however, she found that she had to overcome the dual handicaps of illiteracy and lack of fluency in Gujarati to perform her duties. With the help of CHF International's mobilization and capacity building activities, implemented in partnership with SEWA (India's Self-Employed Women's... Read more
Jan 05, 2006
Afghan Mother Wins Global Microentrepreneurship Award Zainab Barat Painda Khan is a mother of six who worked as a carpet weaver at home, generating an average of $70 a month with which to help support her family, while her husband worked in the city as a laborer. Despite both their efforts, the couple could not afford to send their children to school; instead, they had to forgo education to help with the weaving at home. Still, when a female CHF loan officer suggested that Zainab join a lending group, the family was hesitant.   Within months of joining, however, Zainab’s resolve had paid off. With a $300 loan, Zainab purchased materials and equipment that helped increase her income by 70%. With the profits, she successfully repaid her loan and sent her children back to school.... Read more
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