Nov 10, 2020
Silver Spring, MD – Global Communities and PCI, a Global Communities Partner are quickly mobilizing for an integrated regional response to Hurricane Eta, which brought life-threatening storm surges, damaging winds, flash floods, and landslides to Central America last week. Global Communities and PCI have decades of experience in Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, as well as highly trained country teams prepared to partner with communities to address the immediate humanitarian needs and longer-term response. Since Hurricane Eta made landfall with winds of 140 miles per hour, Global Communities and PCI have marshalled existing resources to prepare for a response across the region. Immediate priorities include mobilizing country teams currently on the ground to conduct rapid... Read more
Aug 02, 2018
Supporting Communities’ Disaster Resilience Drawing on decades of experience, Global Communities partners with communities to recover after natural disasters by addressing long-term needs and rebuilding climate-resilient infrastructure. As a leader in community development and community engagement, Global Communities works with communities to strengthen their environmental resilience through climate change adaptation planning and disaster risk mitigation. At the center of all of our work is our proven Participatory Action for Community Engagement (PACE) approach, empowering communities to identify, prioritize and find solutions to their most pressing needs. Resulting resilience programming... Read more
Jun 22, 2018
Jerume — Advocate and Social Activist for LGBTI Rights in Nicaragua
Jerume is a social activist and sociology student at the University of the Autonomous Regions of the Caribbean. Although only 22 years old, Jerume Peter Terrero Collins has been active in local organizations and social causes for more than a decade. Since he was 11, Jerume has been involved in local youth organizations in his hometown of Bilwi on Nicaragua’s northern Caribbean coast. Now as a young man and a fourth-year student of sociology at the University of the Autonomous Regions of the Caribbean (URACCAN), he describes himself as a social activist and warrior for those who are marginalized in his community. Jerume is interested in a number of issues affecting his community from the discrimination experienced by... Read more
Dec 19, 2017
Bringing Education Closer to Home Nicaraguan Youth Creating New Educational Opportunities
“Contributing to the welfare of our community.” The Youth Commission of Muelle de los Bueyes has brought young people together to address issues important to them including expanding educational opportunities. Muelle de los Bueyes is like the Texas of Nicaragua — not only is it the heart of Nicaraguan cattle country, but also because the communities there are known for their strong sense of tradition and conservative values. Muelle de los Bueyes literally translates to the “wharf of the oxen,” a confusing name since it is nowhere near the coast. The wharf actually refers to a boat dock on the Mico River which runs through the municipality. Generations ago, Muelle de los Bueyes was a bustling... Read more
Dec 01, 2017
Inclusive Communities: Promoting Greater Inclusion of People with Disabilities on Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast René García had always dreamed of becoming a teacher. He studied education at university and at 25 years old was set to embark on what he hoped would be a fulfilling career when a tragic accident changed everything. Thirty years ago, he suffered a gunshot to the head resulting in complete paralysis over the left half of his body. René never fully recovered physically, but that did not deter his spirit. He still strives to live a fulfilling and active life. René spends his days working as an assistant in a small business, but during his free time he is a volunteer advocate for people with disabilities. He is motivated by his belief that people with disabilities should be fully... Read more
Nov 21, 2017
Bringing Light to the Devastating Impact of Violence Against Women Vivas las Queremos recognizes the lives of 18 women from the South Caribbean of Nicaragua who were murdered between 2014 and 2016 and aims to raise awareness and generate action to combat gender-based violence. The exhibit captures personal and moving images of family members and loved ones who share their memories of what the victims were like, how they died and whether or not justice has been done. The stories of loss that these families share are emotional and cathartic. Of these women, the majority died at the hands of their ex-husband, current partner or close family member. They were between 18 and 80 years old—most were young mothers. Their stories are a sample of the aggressions that cross the lives of many women... Read more
Nov 21, 2017
"Vivas las Queremos" Photo Exhibition Continues to Raise Awareness of Violence against Women
The mother and sisters of Fátima del Rosario Cerda Hernández who was killed by her 17-year-old stepson. On July 3, 2017, the photograph exhibition "Vivas las Queremos!" was presented at the Nicaraguan and Central American Historical Institute (IHNCA) of the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA). The exhibition recognizes the lives of 18 women murdered in the South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region (RACCS) between 2014 and 2016 and aims to raise awareness and generate action to combat gender-based violence. The exhibit captures personal and moving images of family members and loved ones who share their memories of what the victims were like, how they died and whether or not justice has been done... Read more
Aug 08, 2017
Youth Changing Their Communities In recognition of International Youth Day, we are highlighting young people dedicated to making positive changes in their communities. From Syria to Nicaragua, these young people demonstrate their commitment to helping others, giving voice to the voiceless and making their communities a better place to live. Serving No’aimeh, My New Home: Syrian Refugee Committed to Improving Her New Community
Durieh (on left) is the first Syrian member of the Community Enhancement Team in her small community in Jordan. Durieh Neqdeli is only 25 years old, but she has already experienced a lot. Five years ago her family made the difficult decision to leave their home in Syria and move the family to the safety of Jordan. With her parents and four... Read more
Jul 31, 2017
One Woman’s Crusade Against Human Trafficking on Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast Local Journalist Determined to Take on Traffickers in her Community By Carol Garrison, Senior Online Communications Officer for Global Communities  |  This story originally appeared on Medium Jessilett Henriquez is a well-known figure in the town of Bluefields. As a local radio and TV personality, she is often seen around town interviewing people and covering local events. As an independent journalist, Jessillett works on a shoestring. She doesn’t have a camera crew or even a camera. She covers her stories just using her... Read more
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