Jul 06, 2011
Helping Families with Post-flood Recovery The 2010 floods in Pakistan affected 18.1 million people throughout the country. Thousands of families have returned to their homes only to find them partially or completely destroyed and unlivable. Global Communities immediately responded to the floods and is now taking a longer-term approach through the USAID-funded Providing Real Opportunities for Shelter to Promote Early Recovery (PROSPER) program, an 8-month initiative that will provide safe and durable shelters to over 4,500 flood-affected families. Having a place to live is a critical factor in jump starting disaster recovery and Global Communities worked with these families to provide construction materials, technical support and skills training, and cash-for... Read more
Jan 14, 2011
CHF Response to Pakistan’s The News article The article ‘More Dirty Fish Found in USAID’ in Pakistan’s media outlet The News dated January 13, 2010, alleges that complaints have been made against CHF in Pakistan to the Pakistani National Accountability Bureau. In this case, there has been no attempt to back up any allegations; no sources are named; and no official statements are quoted. These allegations appear to be the same as made in the Pakistani Express Tribune on December 2, 2010. In that article the allegations were backed up by factually inaccurate information. See below for our statement countering these. CHF Response to Express Tribune Article on “Alleged Misappropriation of US aid" CHF International would like to correct some factual inaccuracies in the article in the... Read more
Dec 09, 2010
CHF Response to Express Tribune Article on “Alleged Misappropriation of US Aid” CHF International would like to correct some factual inaccuracies in the article in the Pakistani Express Tribune newspaper from December 2, 2010 “Alleged Misappropriation of US aid: NAB not to divulge names of NGOs involved.” CHF International has had no involvement in the road project where embezzlement is alleged to have taken place and was not working in Upper FATA at the time of the alleged embezzlement. Additionally, CHF International has not employed Sheledia in any projects in Pakistan. CHF International is committed to sustainable development, and promotes accountability and anti-corruption practices in our programs worldwide at all times. Every cent we spend is accountable to the donor, whether the... Read more
Nov 11, 2010
In Memory of Lost Friends and Colleagues On November 12, 2008, CHF International lost two friends and colleagues in Pakistan, Stephen D. Vance, our Pakistan Chief of Party, and his driver, a loyal Pakistani staff member.* Two years on, we remember their dedication to helping the people of the poorest areas of Pakistan, and we continue to share the loss keenly felt by their family, friends and colleagues. Although time has passed, their loss is no less painful for those who knew them, and the humanitarian principles that they embodied become stronger and more necessary every day, as we continue to undertake essential work with conflict-affected communities around the world. *The driver’s name remains withheld for the security of his family.
Aug 05, 2010
CHF International Responding to Disastrous Flooding in Pakistan Millions of people have been temporarily and permanently displaced due to severe flooding in Pakistan, and millions more are threatened as the water continues to rise. Hundreds of thousands of homes have been damaged or destroyed. Extreme damage to agricultural land has wiped out seasonal crops on a devastating scale in one of the most productive areas of the country, exacerbating the immediate catastrophe by putting future livelihoods and food security in jeopardy. CHF International has extensive disaster response experience and is assessing the situation in Pakistan to ensure that we respond in the most effective and appropriate way. In every disaster we respond to, CHF works not only to provide immediate relief to... Read more
Nov 12, 2008
Press Release CHF International Profoundly Saddened by the Loss of Colleagues in Pakistan November 12, 2008 Mr. Stephen D. Vance was shot and killed on the morning of November 12, 2008, in Peshawar, Pakistan, along with his driver. Stephen and his driver were employees of CHF International. Stephen directed a job-creation and workforce development project in Pakistan, funded by USAID. He had dedicated his life to international development. At this time, CHF International’s immediate concern is the security of our US and country-based staff and their families in Pakistan. CHF is taking all necessary steps to ensure their safety. "We are profoundly saddened by the tragic loss we have suffered in Pakistan," says Michael Doyle President of CHF International. "These were people committed to... Read more
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