Apr 24, 2009
Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs
Women hold many of the same hopes and dreams as men, but they often face greater obstacles to accessing the financing they need to improve their lives. CHF International works to make sure women are involved and contribute substantively to all of our projects, and can gain the skills and financial resources they need to move their lives and communities forward. Here are the stories of just a handful of the inspiring women entrepreneurs CHF has worked to assist around the world.
  Rebuilding Women-Run Businesses after Disaster Nestled in a small cove along the west coast of Aceh Province, Lhok Sedu was a bustling port before a 15-meter wave wiped it out. Fortunately all of the villagers were able to escape to the hills as the massive wall... Read more
Apr 21, 2009
CHF International: Many Faces, Many Places This video gives an in-depth perspective on how we assist the communities in which we work. A comprehensive history of CHF shows how we established ourselves in the international development sector and where our community-based approach comes from. Sections on emergency response in Indonesia, housing assistance in Poland, microfinance activities in Jordan and health services in Kenya show how this approach is effective in creating sustainable, positive change.
Mar 25, 2009
The Fabric of Success – Promoting Women’s Entrepreneurship in Jordan PHOTO: Haleema and her husband in the Al-Amal Clothes Shop, which they expanded through a series of loans from CHF's microfinance institution MEMCC. Haleema Ahmad Al-Shawabkeh, a seamstress from Jordan, had always dreamed of running her own clothing shop. With the support of her husband and some existing savings, she opened the Al-Amal Clothes Shop in her hometown of Madaba and quickly saw her business flourish. While she was excited about this growth, she was disappointed that she could not meet the amount of demand that existed for her services. After talking to a loan officer from CHF’s local microfinance institution, the Middle East Micro Credit Company, (MEMCC), Haleema applied for a Family Business Loan of... Read more
Mar 20, 2009
Success Story: Aqaba Citizens Celebrate Success August 28, 2008 will be a memorable day for the residents of Aqaba, Jordan. On that day, the community celebrated two events: the completion of a neighborhood project for “Safe Access for Students to Public Schools,” and a Traffic Safety Awareness Day. The ACED Program works with the local government to implement the Neighborhood Development Activity, which encourages residents to mobilize their human, financial and other resources and address their most pressing local needs. The first steps taken are to hold discussions of neighborhood concerns and to establish a Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET) of active volunteers to represent their neighborhood. NET members held regular meetings to analyze their situation and needs, identify... Read more
Feb 02, 2009
CHF International and the U.S. Department of Labor Join Forces to Save Thousands of Children from Exploitive Labor in Yemen and Jordan CHF International is expanding its child labor work with the launch of new initiatives in Jordan and Yemen, funded by the United States Department of Labor (USDOL). Both programs will remove children from the worst forms of child labor and provide them with a variety of educational and vocational opportunities. CHF’s prior USDOL-funded ACCESS-MENA program (Alternatives to Combat Child Labor through Education and Sustainable Services in the Middle East and Northern Africa) in Yemen and Lebanon successfully withdrew or prevented more than 16,719 children from exploitive labor through enrollment into educational programs between 2004-2008. In Yemen, USDOL’... Read more
Aug 08, 2008
CHF International Assists with New OPIC Fund to Expand Mortgage Lending in Jordan SILVER SPRING, MD – A new US$250 million dollar fund will enable CHF International (CHF) to play a role in expanding mortgage lending to low-income households in Jordan. The fund, made possible through funding by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), will finance new OPIC loan facilities and enable three banks to extend long-term mortgage lending to low-income households in Jordan. The banks are the Arab Bank, the Housing Bank for Trade and the Cairo Amman Bank. The banks will use the financing to fund 25-year mortgages for low-income households in Jordan in connection with King Abdullah’s National Housing Initiative, through which the country aims to construct 20,000 residences annually... Read more
Jul 30, 2008
OPIC Extends $250m in Financing for Housing Initiative By Mohammad Ghazal AMMAN - The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) announced on Tuesday up to $250 million in financing to enable Jordanian banks to extend long-term mortgage lending to low-income citizens benefiting from the Decent Housing for Decent Living Initiative. Under the financing agreement, new OPIC loan facilities will provide up to $100 million each to the Arab Bank and the Housing Bank for Trade and Finance, and up to $50 million to the Cairo Amman Bank, Robert Mosbacher, Jr., OPIC president and CEO, told reporters yesterday. The banks will use the OPIC financing to fund 25-year mortgages for low-income households in Jordan in connection with the Royal initiative launched by His Majesty King Abdullah late... Read more
Mar 18, 2008
Empowering Youth, Women and Marginalized Groups Based on the success and lessons learned from the Combating Exploitative Child Labor through Education (CECLE) and MENA Youth Empowerment Strategy (MENA YES), Global Communities created Partners for Good, a Jordanian NGO dedicated to developing innovative and sustainable approaches that empower youth,women and marginalized groups economically and socially, providing them with skills and opportunities to become self-sufficient active citizens. Learn more here or by visiting the Partners for Good Facebook... Read more
Aug 02, 2007
"Why Wait for Peace?" By Berl Bernhard This article originally appeared in the Aspen Times. President Bush recently called for a regional peace conference this fall to be led by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that is to include Israel, the Palestinian Authority and neighboring Arab states with the hope of making progress on intractable issues such as borders, refugees, settlements and Jerusalem - all of which require complex negotiations and political will to resolve. But it was another announcement the president made that same day which has the potential to make an immediate difference for this tormented region and its prospects for peace. The president said that he has "authorized the... Read more
Jul 19, 2006
"Dreams That Came True:" Fostering Economic Opportunity in Jordan By Rabih Yazbeck, Near East Foundation (NEF) In the Jordanian governorate of Madaba, Al-Dera Al-Urdeneya Cooperative started a drinking water filtering and distribution service near the city of Madaba less than two months ago, and already has about 200 customers. "Filtering water from our local well and delivering within our community makes us price competitive with outside water companies," said Mousa Hrout. His comments prompted Jordanian Senator Leila Sharaf to say, "This is real development where development should start--at the grassroots. Waiting for the fruits of large scale economic development to trickle down takes a long time. This kind of activity quickly creates jobs and mobilizes people." Hiyam Mnayzal of... Read more
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