Nov 12, 2020
Young woman uses her education to empower youth to be involved in decision-making processes. Marah Bani Nasr, 25, holds a degree in Law from University of Yarmouk in Irbid. Marah has practiced law for nearly two years, specializing in Statute and Sharia Law. Though in her community in Ajloun studying Law is not typically favored for women, with the support of her family, she decided to breach the stereotype and become a lawyer anyway. Alongside her work and education, Marah is a youth and human rights activist and has previously participated in many local and international settings, and she has represented Jordanian youth in several countries. Marah was one of the first youth who joined USAID YouthPower back in 2017, when she joined in transformational learning activities and became one... Read more
Nov 12, 2020
Empowered youth pave the way for involvement in the decision-making process Bilal Khalid, a 24-year-old chemical engineer, resides in  Burma in Jerash governorate, north of the capital. Since 2008 Bilal has been a volunteer at Burma Youth Center, which aims to empower the youth of Burma. In 2017-2019, he was nominated by his fellow youth to become the head of the administrative body of the Center, where he revamped the scope of work to include capacity building activities and support youth initiatives. Through this experience, the Ministry of Youth recognized Bilal as a youth leader. “Through this experience, I learned that with enough persistence, one can achieve! I hope that through the Youth Unit, I can support youth in my community towards development and prosperity.” —Bilal Khalid,... Read more
Nov 11, 2020
Global Communities employs inclusive and participatory methods to reach youth, including those who are the most vulnerable and susceptible to poverty, disease and violence. By implementing youth-focused programs in economic development, health, conflict mitigation and civic engagement, Global Communities enables youth to reach greater potential and secure a healthier, more sustainable future. A key component of our commitment to positive youth development is engaging youth in their own development. On February 23, 2015, USAID awarded Global Communities the YouthPower: Implementation IDIQ. Under this IDIQ, Global Communities has the opportunity to respond to Request for Task Order Proposals to provide technical assistance or direct service implementation in the areas of: Increased youth... Read more
Oct 10, 2020
By Rebecca Wener, Global Communities Program Officer for Governance and Global Health
Read original article on October 10th marks the 28th annual World Mental Health Day, and this year’s theme is a call to scale up investment in mental health. Mental health disorders represent a critical yet under-emphasized component of the global public health burden. The World Health Organization has estimated that around 10.7% of the global... Read more
Sep 28, 2020
Youth empowering persons with disabilities to engage them in their communities Sarah Abusall, 20, resides with her family in Al-Qasabeh in Jerash governorate north of the capital. She is currently studying for her Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education at Al Albayt University in Mafraq. Her father is a person with a disability, and her sister, who is only three years old, suffers from brain paralysis. Though this situation has been very challenging for Sarah and her family alike, it never brought her down, she says: “My father’s case motivated me to work hard to include persons with disabilities in the community, as he never allowed his disability to be an obstacle to our life or his work. Every day, seeing my father proves to me that if a person has will, they can do anything they want... Read more
Jul 09, 2020
USAID YouthPower deploys intricate collaborative approaches to engage youth and help them achieve the positive development and agency required to become active citizens in their communities. To that end, USAID YouthPower is working in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth to build the Youth Network Portal. Aspiring to be a new impetus for Jordanian youth, “The Youth Network Portal” is a dynamic portal that will address young people in Jordan and provide access to youth-related national information and educational materials. The main aim of the portal is to provide young people in Jordan aged 10 to 29 with information, learning materials, resources and opportunities around a wide range of topics tackled by the USAID YouthPower Program. The content of “The Youth... Read more
Jul 09, 2020
How pivoting from auditing to advising helps financial institutions manage risk during COVID-19 By Richard Shumann,Chief Risk Officer for Vitas Group
This blog entry was originally published on FinDev Gateway   Internal auditors are an essential component of microfinance providers’ internal control and risk management functions, but how should they react to a sudden crisis? Experience in Vitas Group shows that a quick pivot from auditing to advising, supported by management and collaboration among auditors, helps financial institutions adjust internal controls and manage risk. Vitas Group operates micro and small enterprise... Read more
Jul 08, 2020
The USAID YouthPower “One Hour with MBM” talk show is a digital outreach and engagement tool introduced by the program to host youth influencers, activists, and facilitators engaging positively in their communities. The show grants them a space to highlight challenges and opportunities they have faced and speak about how they have managed to overcome them. Additionally, the show hosts public figures, community leaders, academics, politicians, economists, and people implementing initiatives at the national level, allowing youth to discuss multiple topics that affect their lives and benefit from the knowledge and experiences shared by the guests. On June 18, the show hosted Dr. Mohammad Al Momani, the Former Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communication. The dialogue in this episode... Read more
Jul 06, 2020
As a response to the COVID-19 crisis, USAID YouthPower introduced a special web show to provide support and address the psychosocial needs of youth during the lockdown era. The talk show features specialists with hands-on experience with relevant youth topics and issues. Entitled “Mind Power,” this talk show consists of two parts. The first part showcases the specialists and the show’s host, Tala Mattar, constructively tackling a specific topic. The second part is a live chat conducted via the YouthPower Private Facebook Group page. This has granted youth the opportunity to comment, question, and share their thoughts on the topics addressed on the talk show. Since its launch, “Mind Power” has aired 10 episodes and reached more than 4,000 views and 1,000 engagements. During June, “Mind... Read more
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