May 13, 2020
Educating those suffering from obesity to transform their lives According to the latest Global Nutrition Report, 28.2% of women and 43.1% of men in Jordan are obese. This is an extremely alarming matter, especially that obesity is directly linked with increased health problems, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. The risk of obesity has recently increased due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and the consequent government-imposed curfew and lockdowns; not only have gyms and fitness centers been closed but people have been forced to stay inside, with limited hours allowed for them to leave their houses. Without the proper guidance and psychosocial support needed, this might as well lead to binge eating and emotional eating disorders which would eventually alleviate obesity... Read more
May 13, 2020
Educating and learning activities empower youth while open new doors and prospects to others Residing in Rojom Shami Gharbi at the east of the Capital, Mohammad Qoblan is 27, he graduated back in 2014 with a bachelor degree in International Relations. After two years of fruitless job hunting, Mohammad believed that a higher degree would result in better chances of him landing a job, accordingly, he pulled up his sleeves and earned his master’s degree in 2017. Unfortunately, things are not always what they seem, and like the 21% of unemployed youth in Jordan, Mohammad couldn’t find a job. Mohammad says: “I can never explain the amount of psychosocial and moral pressure I was facing, I was on the brink of collapsing, the societal and peer pressure on was enormous, I slowly... Read more
May 11, 2020
Earlier this year, youth from the South, North and Center of Jordan gathered in USAID YouthPower office in Amman to prepare for the Environment and Green Solutions Learning Club launch. These young women and men represented youth from across Jordan ready to put their efforts into environment related issues. Our friend, Nancy Syouri, is a 24 years old young woman from Aqaba, Nancy was one of these youth brimming with energy. YouthPower’s Learning Clubs are informal community-based safe together, and expand their learning and practice related to that shared topic of interest. The Environment and Green Solutions one of the nine thematic areas for the Learning Clubs. This wasn’t Nancy’s first encounter with USAID YouthPower, as it was back in November, when the Activity entered Aqaba and... Read more
May 06, 2020
Participating in online interactive sessions builds a momentum for youth of young ages Located in the Northwestern side of Jordan, Belila is a small village in the governorate of Jerash 55 km away on the north of the Capital. With a population of 8.000 inhabitants, most of the available occupations in Belila fall into the governmental and agricultural sectors. It was two years ago, when USAID YouthPower entered Jerash, and conducted its youth outreach activities in BelilaComprehensive School for Females, that is how our friend Isra’a first heard about the Activity. Aspiring to sharpen her interpersonal skills and become a catalyst of change, she enrolled in the various activities of USAID YouthPower, and that was when her journey began. Isra’a Al Maqableh is 19 years old... Read more
May 06, 2020
Empowering youth with professional skills necessary to secure jobs The spread of fraud and cyber-crimes in Jordan is on the rise. In 2019, the Cyber Crimes Unit recorded over than 6,000 complaints within the country’s Criminal Investigation Department. Poorer regions in Jordan suffer higher instances of cyber-crimes and fraud due to lack of knowledge on the subject. For example, in the community of Bader, located to the east of Amman, the unemployment rate is 24%. People there often fall victim to false job vacancy advertisements posted online. The fraudsters take advantage of how desperate are youth and people to get a job, the fraud schemes include tricking them into providing personal information by announcing false employment claims.  “My first thought after I fell... Read more
May 06, 2020
Recycling clothes to alleviate poverty and unemployment Unlike the West side of Amman the Capital, East Amman is characterized by compact buildings, narrow alleys, and humble neighborhoods in which children roam and play. This part of Amman is also known for its high levels of poverty and unemployment, which reached the rate of 24%, the with majority of which being women. Ruba Haddad is a 29-year-old young woman who lives in Bader, located in eastern Amman. Ruba created many friendships across Jordan, especially in western Amman, where poverty is not as prevalent. Many of her friends informed her that like many other families in western Amman, they have extra clothing, which they often throw away. “When I learned of this, I began to think of ways to use the unwanted... Read more
Mar 20, 2020
Laith Eshebat (26) and Balqis Eshebat (23) are a dynamic brother and sister duo from Ghor Al-Safi, a community located near the shores of the Dead Sea and marked by limited opportunities and a stretched education system. Laith describes a situation of overcrowded classrooms and parents, often uneducated themselves, unable to provide their children with the extra at-home academic support they need to succeed. Balqis, a teacher in the community, says when students don’t grasp the schoolwork, the entire community is impacted by students’ increased absenteeism, dropouts, and vulnerability to negative influences. Laith and Balqis personally experienced the challenges of the system growing up. Laith became a USAID YouthPower participant in 2018; he was motivated to join by the unique youth-led... Read more
Feb 22, 2020
Vitas Group, created by Global Communities is a for-profit holding company that operates a network of microfinance companies, predominantly in the Middle East. They are a unique group of companies with more than twenty years of proven track record of successfully lending to micro, small, and medium enterprises and the only such investment vehicle for impact investors in the region. Since 2004, Vitas companies have disbursed more than $3 billion to over 1 million customers with an annual default rate below two percent. Every two years, Vitas Group surveys clients in its affiliated institutions to assess customer satisfaction, the impact of loans... Read more
Dec 11, 2019
The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence is an annual international campaign that kicks off on 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and runs until 10 December, Human Rights Day. It was started by activists at the inaugural Women’s Global Leadership Institute in 1991 and continues to be coordinated each year by the Center for Women’s Global Leadership. It is used as an organizing strategy by individuals and organizations around the world to call for the prevention and elimination of violence against women and girls. ( The "16 Days of Activism" animated video below... Read more
Oct 02, 2019
In 2015, Global Communities' launched the One Good Idea Award as an opportunity to create, innovate and promote learning from within and capture the innovation and learning that occurs at both the headquarters and field level. The Award, which is supported by the Sanders Family Foundation, allows us to reflect on how we can strengthen our interventions, methodologies, and programming more broadly and use what we capture to position Global Communities as thought leaders in the industry. This year’s winner, announced on October 1, 2019, is the Entrepreneurship Development activity in Sri Lanka. Proposed by Global Communties' subsidiary in Jordan, Partners for Good, the Entrepreneurship Development in Sri Lanka... Read more
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