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Dec 09, 2009
Striving for Excellence: Book for Rwandan OVCs As part of the Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Program (CHAMP), CHF spearheaded innovative work with orphans and other vulnerable children (OVCs), including the successful formation of annual holiday camps for secondary school OVC. During the 3-5 day camp, OVCs address such topics as responsible decision-making, child rights and responsibilities, civic duties towards peace and reconciliation, and self-confidence building, in addition to broader HIV and health-related topics. The program, known as “Haranira Kuba Indatwa” or “Strive for Excellence” uses anecdotes, poetry, skits and illustrations to articulate messages and was designed with input from the Government of Rwanda, local partners, and OVC themselves. This Teacher’s Guide and... Read more
Sep 11, 2009
Interview with CHF's Dan Barthmaier: Rebuilding Southern Sudan   PHOTO: Dan Barthmaier is pictured at right, along with other CHF staff working in southern Sudan   Dan Barthmaier is the Field Director for CHF southern Sudan, where he has worked for 2 ½ years. He began his development career with CHF as an intern and has worked in Ghana, Cameroon, the Congo and Sudan. In August he visited headquarters and was interviewed by CHF Updates on CHF’s work in Southern Sudan. What is the history of CHF in southern Sudan? CHF has been in southern Sudan since 2005. We currently have three offices and are soon to open two more. Our staff of 60 people is comprised mainly of Sudanese; we only have nine expatriates and most of these are from other African countries. What are the special challenges of... Read more
Sep 01, 2009
CHF Yemen Sponsors a Day Without Work for Working Children On August 20th, 2009, CHF Yemen, in collaboration with the Yemen Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and a local partner NGO, organized a much-needed “Day Without Work for Working Children” as part of its ACCESS-Plus program. The program is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor, with special funding for this activity from the International Initiative to End Child Labor and the Emily Sandall Foundation. The “Day Without Work” gave working children, forced to grow up before their time, the opportunity to play and express themselves in ways they are unable to in their everyday lives. In addition, the “Day Without Work” event raised awareness through arts activities about child labor in Yemen. Approximately 500 working children... Read more
Jul 28, 2009
Psychosocial Support CHF International has developed field-tested tools and new approaches to integrate psychosocial support into our broader portfolio of programs. We define psychosocial support as the process of personal, family and community assistance that reestablishes the emotional well-being of individuals, groups and societies coping with traumatic issues. CHF International believes that promoting the psychosocial well-being of beneficiaries and communities is an integral part of successful programming. Assistance to community support structures CHF International’s programming targets the factors that can cause breakdowns in community social structures and networks. Our programs demonstrate that the development of healthy communities promotes individual well-being, especially... Read more
Jan 02, 2008
Empowering Palestinian Women Entrepreneurs View this brief documentary about CHF International's POWER program which is giving Palestinian women the skills and tools they need to become financially independent in troubling times--in their own voices.
Sep 26, 2005
Socio-Psychologists Focus on Schoolchildren’s Behavior By Elham Hassan, Yemen Observer Newspaper SANA’A - Can a teacher become a friend of his or her students, listen to their problems and give them advice? Can he or she dispense with the cane, for so long the first and last recourse in punishing children, and replace it with sticker stars or other forms of positive reward? Alternatives to Combat Child Labor through Education & Sustainable Services in Middle East and North Africa (ACCESS-MENA-YEMENL) organized a socio-psychological training courses in which more then 60 male and female psycho-social specialists, basic education teachers, school headmasters and educationalists in the govern orates of Hajja, Abean and Ibb took part, from September 4 to7. The ACCESS-MENA-YEMENL... Read more
Aug 21, 2005
Guía de Orientaciones para el Acompañamiento Psicosocial a Poblaciónen Situación de Desplazamiento El desplazamiento, generado por efectos de la violencia y el conflicto armado, además de crear alteraciones a nivel económico, socio-político y material, ocasiona un fuerte impacto psicológico y de organización social que 1 amerita una atención especial. Para el Programa de Asistencia Humanitaria a Población en Situación de Desplazamiento en Colombia, de CHF International, es de especial importancia el desarrollo del component psicosocial, entendido éste como el “proceso de acompañamiento personal, familiar y comunitario que busca restablecer la integridad emocional de las personas, así como de sus 2 redes socials.” Read the full report... Read more
Apr 17, 2005
La Importancia del Acompañamiento Psicosocial para la Recuperación de las Personas en Situación de Desplazamiento  El Programa de Asistencia Humanitaria a Población en Situación de Desplazamiento, desarrollado por CHF International en Colombia desde mayo de 2001 hasta la fecha, ha brindado atención a más de 23.000 familias, (65.000 personas), en situación de desplazamiento en 15 ciudades capitales y más de 80 municipios, a través del desarrollo de cinco componentes: asistencia alimentaria y no alimentaria, acompañamiento psicosocial, alojamientos temporales, construcción y dotación de centros comunitarios y empleo de emergencia, contribuyendo al logro de una atención integral a personas y familias durante su primer año de desplazamiento forzado, período durante el cual, el eje central... Read more
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