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Sep 26, 2018
Rwanda: Collaboration with Public and Private Sector in Promoting Early Childhood Development (ECD) Services
Cutting the ribbon from left to right: Tona Isibo – Global Communities’ representative, Beatrice Umwiza, IM Representative, Innocent Benineza, DUHAMIC Executive Secretary,DUHAMIC – ADRI. On Thursday August 2, 2018, USAID Twiyubake in collaboration with Huye district inaugurated the community owned Igihozo early childhood development center newly refurbished through a Rwf 1,000,000 sponsorship donated by I&M Bank through USAID Twiyubake. The donation was part of I&M Bank’s corporate social responsibility efforts to improve communities in Rwanda. The inauguration ceremony was attended by representatives of the district, I&M Bank and USAID Twiyubake team (Global... Read more
Sep 20, 2018
Building Resiliency among Families in Rwanda USAID-funded Twiyubake Program makes an impact on vulnerable rural families View our Exposure piece below or at the link here.
Jul 25, 2018
Building Resiliency among Families in Rwanda USAID-funded Twiyubake Program makes an impact on vulnerable rural families The Improved Services for Vulnerable Populations (ISVP) Program, locally known as USAID Twiyubake (“Build Together” in Kinyarwandan) aims to assist 50,000 vulnerable households in 12 districts on Rwanda. The program is designed to build and enhance lasting self-reliance in a way that promotes mutual support. The program objectives include increasing capacity of families and communities to provide better care for vulnerable individuals; improving household and community care and support practices for vulnerable populations, especially children; and increasing access to education and social services for vulnerable populations.
Jul 24, 2018
DREAMS Partnership Finalist for 2018 P3 Impact Award Originally posted on US Department of State website Finalists for the 2018 P3 Impact Award were announced today by the Office of Global Partnerships at the U.S. Department of State, the University of Virginia Darden School of Business Institute for Business in Society and Concordia. The Award recognizes exemplary public-private partnerships (P3s) that provide solutions to pressing issues in... Read more
Mar 07, 2018
Why We Need to Talk about Men on International Women’s Day By Betty Adera, Chief of Party for Global Communities’ DREAMS Initiative in Kenya  |  This article originally appeared on Medium.  #MeToo has brought the subject of sexual harassment and abuse of women and girls to the public consciousness in a way never seen before. Having worked at the community level supporting the rights of women and girls for more than 20 years, the stories coming out the #MeToo movement are all too familiar to me. Sexual harassment and violence against women is a pervasive issue and this global movement of women speaking out has demonstrated that no society is immune.... Read more
Jan 10, 2018
VIP: Ali Blumenstock, Monteria, Colombia: Addressing Environmental Issues One Community At a Time May 30 to August 11, 2017 Global Communities’ ANDA Program is based in Monteria, Department of Cordoba, Colombia. In Spanish ANDA means ‘to go forward’ and it was established in 2013 with the aim of reducing poverty and improving the quality of life for vulnerable populations and victims of forced displacement. Many people in ANDA’s partner communities have been displaced several times over the last few decades due to Colombia’s internal conflict, and some communities in Cordoba are entirely new – composed 100% of displaced persons. The program works in 42 rural communities which face countless environmental difficulties - from contaminated water to disposal of trash and solid waste to... Read more
Sep 21, 2017
Reclaiming their Voices: One Community’s Struggle to Overcome Fear and Build Peace in Rural Colombia Alfonso spent most of his youth living in fear. Twenty years ago when he was just an infant, 16 community leaders in his small village of Pijiguay were massacred by a paramilitary group that publicly crushed their skulls with rocks to terrify the villagers. While it sounds shocking this was not unusual. Pijiguay is located in the Montes de Maria region of Colombia, an area which saw some of the worst violence during the country’s 50-year-long civil war.
The human cost borne by Colombia’s rural communities as the result of decades of civil conflict is massive. Of more than 200,000 victims of the violence, 177,000 were civilians, most of whom lived in poor rural communities. For... Read more
Aug 18, 2017
World Humanitarian Day: Beyond the Headlines This article originally appeared on Medium What are the needs in a complex, intractable conflict like Syria? On World Humanitarian Day, Global Communities reflects on some of the needs that conflict-affected populations have in Syria that are not covered in the news. Beyond the immediate essentials of food, medicine, water and shelter, there are millions of Syrians seeking to support their families in a time of instability and danger. Global Communities is assisting displaced people and host communities across the region in the following ways. Agriculture As the conflict in Syria... Read more
Feb 23, 2017
Booklet: My Home as a Safe Space / Mi Casa Como Espacio Seguro The Knowledge and Risk Reduction Program, funded by USAID’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance, helped families to ensure their homes are safe places in the event of a natural disaster, such as floods and mudslides. The program was implemented in Medellin, Colombia. One aspect was the "Mi Casa Como Espacio Seguro" campaign “My home as a safe space,” which equipped families with a helpful booklet full of information and practices for ensuring their homes are resilient. The booklet was complemented by a poster designed for display in a home, which shows how many steps toward safety each home has taken.... Read more
Feb 01, 2017
Beyond the Basics: Holistic Humanitarian Assistance for Syrians By Margo Berends  |  This article originally appeared in American Diplomacy. The Syrian conflict continues to tear apart communities, families, lives and livelihoods. Millions have been displaced by the violence, either within Syria or across its borders, and the refugee crisis reverberates across the Middle East, Europe and beyond. While there has been much discussion of the refugee crisis, there has been limited coverage in mainstream American media of the needs of refugees and displaced people beyond the basics. The scale of the crisis is staggering. As of December 2016, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees... Read more
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