Apr 20, 2012
On Earth Day, which takes place each year on April 22nd, we recognize the importance of clean air, clean water, and the importance of maintaining the integrity of the natural world around us. CHF is working in many of its programs to promote environmental sustainability and contribute to the body of knowledge in regards to “green construction” practices. By implementing programs that are sustainable and “green,” we are helping the communities in which we work improve their surroundings and their environment. West Bank and Gaza—Safeer Children’s Center In the West Bank, CHF’s green construction initiatives are creating a model for the future of environmentally sustainable buildings in the Middle East. The Safeer Children’s Center incorporated... Read more
Dec 01, 2021
By: Betty Adera, Senior Technical Advisor HIV/AIDS and Health, Global Communities, Nairobi, Kenya  The theme of this year’s World AIDS Day is “End Inequalities” and it is especially timely as the world continues grappling with COVID-19. Adolescent girls bear the greatest brunt of COVID-19-related inequalities. UNAIDS estimates that in sub-Saharan Africa, four in five new HIV infections are among 10 to 19-year-old girls. If adolescent girls are fully empowered and have the capacity to surmount the many challenges they face – in a supportive, enabling environment – then they have the potential to realize an AIDS-free future for themselves, and to influence their peers, families and communities to do the same.  “DREAMS has been a source of information and inspiration and is helping we young... Read more
Oct 15, 2021
USDA awards $25 million for inaugural McGovern-Dole school feeding project Silver Spring, Md. – On October 1, 2021, the U.S. Department of Agriculture selected Global Communities to lead a consortium of partners in implementing the first McGovern-Dole International Food for Education and Child Nutrition (McGovern-Dole) project in Madagascar. The new project, known as Mianatra (“Learn” in Malagasy), will be conducted in close collaboration with the Government of Madagascar, and alongside well-known partners such as Catholic Relief Services, FHI360 and Malagasy Mahomby. Throughout our work, we will collaborate with Government of Madagascar ministries at all levels, including the Ministry of Education, National Office of Nutrition, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Water, Sanitation and... Read more
Oct 15, 2021
Photos courtesy of Dr. Aone Gogontle Ditirwa Dr. Aone Gogontle Ditirwa, 25, is from Bobonong, in the Eastern horn of Botswana, and one of the youngest female doctors in the southern African country. As a child, she recalls her love for dismantling things around the house in an effort to “re-create” them – a talent she would go on to perfect in high school before deciding to pursue a career in medicine. She is currently a licensed and practicing medical officer in the pediatric department at a district hospital in Botswana’s tourism capital, Maun, but she also identifies as much more. Ditirwa, who goes by “Dr. Aone,” is an entrepreneur, a YouTube/lifestyle curator, social activist and self-described dreamer who has thrived in an environment where many adolescent girls and young women have... Read more
Sep 24, 2021
While the conflict in Syria has lasted more than a decade, protection risks remain high across the country and have been heightened by the coronavirus pandemic. With funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (USAID/BHA), Global Communities is currently implementing Response Operations for the Syria Emergency III (ROSE III) program across Northern Syria. The ROSE III program includes child protection activities, prevention and response to gender-based violence (GBV) and psychosocial support for community-based protection through a combination of static facilities (safe spaces) and mobile protection teams. Global Communities operates six Child-Friendly Spaces, two Youth Empowerment Centers and four GBV Centers under the program. These... Read more
Jul 19, 2021
Social media has emerged as one of the most powerful tools for communication and connection, bringing together millions of people across continents and within communities. But with that power, highly accessible channels are readily available for spreading disinformation, sowing divisiveness and contributing to offline conflict. In Sri Lanka, there has never been a more urgent need for healthy media consumption and digital and media literacy for youth. Responding to this need, the Global Communities’ USAID-funded Social Cohesion and Reconcilation (SCORE) program co-created an initiative with local partner organizations to help young people combat the threat of weaponized information through webinars and trainings. Viluthu, a non-profit organization working to build capacity and strengthen... Read more
Jul 15, 2021
In April 2020, Global Communities announced our merger with global development organization Project Concern International (PCI). We’re happy to share successes from both our organizations in our joint 2020 Annual Report. Drawing from decades of experience combating epidemics and communicable diseases, learn how our global program teams met the challenges of COVID-19 with ingenuity, skill and compassion, helping families in conflict zones and hard-hit communities around the world continue to access critical health information, food and other services. And, hear more from our leadership as we begin a new and exciting journey as a unified organization working to build a more just, prosperous and... Read more
Jun 16, 2021
Global Communities envisions a world where everyone has the freedom, means and ability to live and prosper with dignity. As the lead implementing agency for the USAID Zahabu Safi (Clean Gold) project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), we are working closely with artisanal gold supply chain actors, international and local civil society organizations, and the Government of DRC to address the worst forms of child labor in artisanal gold mining operations in many parts of eastern DRC. Guided by international human and labor rights frameworks and policies, as well as the Constitution and the Mining and Labor codes of the DRC where child labor is explicitly prohibited, we are actively working to combat the Worst Forms of Child Labor (WFCL) in DRC in the following ways: ... Read more
Apr 15, 2021
A young male uses his personal story to inspire other youth to engage In the city of Shoonah Janoobiyah, to the west of the capital, resides Issa Abu Dhefalla, 22. He faced a life-changing dilemma at a very young age, when he had to choose between taking care of his sick mother or preparing for his senior year at high school. He chose the latter option but stayed beside his mother until her last breath. Though Issa remained strong through this tragic event, he noticed that he had allowed his physical disability affecting his arm to turn him into a shy and invisible person in the community. “I suddenly found myself standing in the same spot for years and not even one step further, as I went from hiding my disabled arm to hiding myself,” Issa said. One day his sister encouraged him to join... Read more
Apr 15, 2021
A lifechanging Facebook post enables female youth to empower women to become financially independent Rama Rababah, 24 year, resides in Zarqa, northeast of the Capital. With a Bachelor’s degree in Counselling and Mental Health from the Hashemite University, Rama’s first encounter with volunteerism took place during her first field semester in college. Following her volunteering in several civil society organizations, local centers and youth initiatives, Rama felt inspired to design her own initiative to become financially independent. However, once the costs exceeded her capacity, Rama started looking for youth-oriented funding, which eventually brought her to the USAID YouthPower Facebook Group. After joining the group and mostly being a silent member in it, she decided to post about her... Read more
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