Feb 02, 2011
CHF's Work in Darfur - Update CHF International would like to express our thanks again to everyone who donated money towards programs in Darfur. As you may know, CHF was one of thirteen major humanitarian assistance organizations that were ordered to leave Darfur in March 2009 by the Sudanese government. For more details, please click here. We hope to return to helping the people of Darfur when conditions allow. However, we want to ensure that your donations are put to good and timely use to help the people who need it most. Therefore, CHF plans to use the donations that have not yet been used in Darfur for other similar CHF programs in Africa, where we help communities across Rwanda, Kenya, Ghana, Liberia, Ethiopia and southern... Read more
Sep 11, 2009
Interview with CHF's Dan Barthmaier: Rebuilding Southern Sudan   PHOTO: Dan Barthmaier is pictured at right, along with other CHF staff working in southern Sudan   Dan Barthmaier is the Field Director for CHF southern Sudan, where he has worked for 2 ½ years. He began his development career with CHF as an intern and has worked in Ghana, Cameroon, the Congo and Sudan. In August he visited headquarters and was interviewed by CHF Updates on CHF’s work in Southern Sudan. What is the history of CHF in southern Sudan? CHF has been in southern Sudan since 2005. We currently have three offices and are soon to open two more. Our staff of 60 people is comprised mainly of Sudanese; we only have nine expatriates and most of these are from other African countries. What are the special challenges of... Read more
Jul 14, 2009
CHF International Conducts Training Workshops for Sudanese Employees By Philip Thon Aleu Government employed staff attended a workshop on project management today. About 80 officials turned up for the activity, one of a series of training sessions sponsored by the French Total Oil Company and implemented by the US based NGO CHF International. State Ministries of Health, Physical Infrastructure and municipal government and law enforcement sent staff. The one day training focused on project writing, implementation and follow up. CHF International officers included John Mac Acuek and John Constance, who lectured on the structure and follow up of projects. The workshop was aimed at training... Read more
Mar 12, 2009
Sudan: Jonglei Community Assistance Program Jonglei state has the largest land mass and population in Sudan and includes the Wanglei village in Bor County where the former Vice President and SPLA leader Dr. John Garang was born and spent his early childhood. Bor County was where a unit of the Sudanese Army turned against the government of Khartoum and formed the SPLA and as a result the infrastructure and the surrounding areas were destroyed. Since the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005, Jonglei State has witnessed a growing number of refugees and internally displaced people returning to the area. The returning community is settling near the Nile due to water scarcity in the wider community. CHF Sudan’s Jonglei Community Assistance Program (JOCAP) is working with government... Read more
Mar 05, 2009
CHF International Asked by Sudanese Government to Leave Darfur The government of Sudan has revoked the registration of many NGOs working in Sudan. CHF International, the international development and humanitarian assistance organization, is one of those whose license has been revoked. CHF has been told that it must cease operations and expatriate staff must depart from the country immediately. We are taking all steps necessary to ensure the safety and security of our staff during this process. CHF International regrets the decision of the Sudanese government and remains committed to working with the Sudanese government in order to continue to provide humanitarian assistance and development to the people of Darfur. CHF hopes that the situation will be resolved in such a way as we are... Read more
Feb 03, 2009
Brian Tachibana Sudan, September – December 2006 Overseeing fuel-efficient stove production in Darfur Through the VIP (Visiting International Professionals) Program, CHF International utilizes the skills of volunteers willing to donate their time and energy to support our programs around the world. As CHF strives to be a catalyst for change, these VIP volunteers embody that effort. In the past year alone VIPs have designed databases for HIV/AIDS programs in Kenya, trained craft entrepreneurs in Georgia and developed tools for cooperative business initiatives in the Philippines. By sharing their extensive technical expertise, VIPs allow CHF programs to initiate innovative programming for our beneficiaries. Recently VIP Brian Tachibana was able to utilize his... Read more
Jan 22, 2009
A Success Story from Abyei County, Sudan For the Southern Sudan Radio Distribution Initiative 931 is not an impressive number. In fact, compared to the 8000+ radios CHF International has distributed in other areas of Warrap State in the space of a week, 931 seems positively paltry. But there are other numbers that put this distribution in Abyei County into perspective: several days of fighting 3 months previous, at least 50 people killed, and an estimated 50,000 residents who fled. And given that the distribution also involved a 5-hour commute, the number begins to seem perhaps, at least, modest. When a skirmish escalated between northern and southern troops in May, it took only a matter of hours before the town of Abyei was shaking with the clatter of machinegun fire and the crashing... Read more
Jan 06, 2009
Into Darfur - a CHF International Aid Worker's Account By CHF International Aid Worker Jennifer Marcy This story originally appeared in the Midland Daily News. My plane is descending now—slowly down through the clouds we go, and then I see it—the hot desert of Western Sudan. From my window, humanity takes its shape below—a makeshift maze of mud dwellings scattered amongst large white tents which brightly dot the landscape. This is one of Darfur's internally displaced persons camps. More than 100,000 people live in this camp alone, just outside the historical Sudanese town of El Fashir. Why am I here? I work for the international development and humanitarian assistance organization CHF International, and I am checking-in on two programs we are currently running: One which makes and... Read more
Jan 05, 2009
Stoves for Darfur: CHF International and Maryland Teenager Spencer Brodsky Work Together to Help the People of Darfur Spencer Brodsky heard about CHF's fuel-efficient stoves project for internally displaced people in Darfur, Sudan, and decided to help. Embedded video from CNN Video
May 28, 2008
Providing Support to Internally Displaced Women in Darfur The Crafts Center is marketing hand-woven baskets produced by weavers living in internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in Darfur, Sudan as a means to stimulate income generation for hundreds of women. Over 250 women produce baskets and other traditional goods in the Kalma IDP camp, while nearly 360 women are employed as mat weavers. Over 60,000 grass and palm mats have been woven to build over 12,000 shelters for IDP families. Roughly 50,000 beautifully woven handicrafts have been made and sold in local markets, CHF gift shops in Nyala and Khartoum, and abroad. The Crafts Center is currently marketing the baskets through several retailers in the United States. Through this program, over 500 women living in IDP camps in Darfur... Read more
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