Jul 15, 2021
In April 2020, Global Communities announced our merger with global development organization Project Concern International (PCI). We’re happy to share successes from both our organizations in our joint 2020 Annual Report. Drawing from decades of experience combating epidemics and communicable diseases, learn how our global program teams met the challenges of COVID-19 with ingenuity, skill and compassion, helping families in conflict zones and hard-hit communities around the world continue to access critical health information, food and other services. And, hear more from our leadership as we begin a new and exciting journey as a unified organization working to build a more just, prosperous and... Read more
Feb 20, 2020
The recent ‘Cyber Guardians Forum - The Role of Social Media in Transforming Sri Lanka,’ organized by Search for Common Ground (SfCG)  with  USAID SCORE/Global Communities support, revealed several milestone achievements of the SfCG’s Cyber Guardians project under the SCORE program. More than 100 youths were trained in social media at three boot camps, resulting in more than 125 posts per month by 20 National Champions over 10 months, yielding a monthly reach of over two million social media users and engagement with over one million users per month. Ten youth social media projects also received 10 seed grants. The numbers show that the project, aimed at countering hate speech and fake news on social media to promote social cohesion and reconciliation by youth, had successfully achieved... Read more
Oct 16, 2019
USAID SCORE recently facilitated a group networking session and a workshop for 26 youth from Moneragala selected with the support of the National Youth Services Council based on their interest and capacity and has remained engaged with SCORE in promoting social cohesion and reconciliation on social media. The workshop was a follow-up to previous trainings provided for the youth in April and July of this year, and since the second training, the group has created a Facebook page titled ‘SCORE Monaragala’  with 200 followers from Monaragala alone. The group also created more than 10 videos related to SCORE activities. The activity in Colombo, held on October 5 and 6, aimed to  bring the youth out of their hometowns and create cohesive linkages between them  and Colombo-based social... Read more
May 01, 2019
In Egypt, women entrepreneurs are often overlooked for funding by financial institutions in a male-dominated business world. Ensuring these women have access to financial skills and loan opportunities is a priority of CHF Management and Consulting Services Egypt SAE, which is Global Communities’ development finance consultancy in Egypt. In order to achieve this priority, the group holds a number of workshops targeting women who own businesses or are interested in doing so. On April 15-16, 2019, CHF Egypt, in collaboration with women’s empowerment group, Confessions of a Married Woman, held one of these capacity training initiative for women in business. The free-of-charge workshop was held at the Degla Campus co-working... Read more
Mar 05, 2018
Investing in Energy Access De-risking Energy Projects through Community Engagement and Financial Inclusion By Robyn McGuckin, Energy Specialist at Global Communities  |  This article originally appeared on Medium.
Photo: Mathieu Young/Off Grid Electric Providing first-time electricity to more than 1 billion people around the world is not a task for the fainthearted. In fact, it is quite risky. Despite the risks, the private sector is interested. According to the International Energy Agency, emerging markets in Africa, South East Asia, the Middle East and Latin America will make up almost half of all new global energy demand between now... Read more
Nov 10, 2016
USAID-RING Feed the Future Project Thrives in Northern Region This article first appeared on Citifmonline |  By Abdul Karim Naatogmah Over 2,000 female beneficiaries of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Resiliency in Northern Ghana (RING) Feed the Future mission, have started harvesting 100 acres of orange-fleshed sweet potato cultivated in 70 communities of 17 districts in the Northern Region. This is in line with the USAID-RING ‘orange-fleshed sweet potato’ project, implemented to improve the beneficiaries’ income levels and by extension advance nutrition in the targeted communities. The USAID-Ghana Mission Director, Andy Karas, supervised the... Read more
Nov 09, 2016
USAID supported Youth Leader Wins the Accelerating Innovation through Young Leaders Awards at Habitat III In the run-up to the UN Habitat III conference in Quito, Ecuador, October 17-20, 2016, the Mega-Cities Project organized a global competition to identify Young Leaders that are implementing creative solutions to urban challenges at the intersection of poverty, environment and voice. Global Communities shared this opportunity with Francisco Javier Sequeira Rankin, a young leader supported by USAID’s Municipal Governance Program (MGP) who has been successful in strengthening youth civic engagement through the Bluefield’s Indian & Caribbean University (BICU) Observatory for Human Rights and Autonomy (OHRA). Francisco was one of two Young... Read more
Oct 11, 2016
Humanity First Written by Elizabeth Adams, Technical Specialist for Agriculture at Global Communities This article originally appeared on Medium As a global development professional working at Global Communities, I have been watching with increased concern at some of the trends that have been on the rise across the globe in recent years. As The Economist recently noted, there is an increasing divide between those who wish to remain open and engage with the outside world, and those who want to wall themselves off in an effort to improve... Read more
Jul 26, 2016

Visiting International Professional Henry Tenenbaum created a video about Global Communities' Kenya Tuna Uwezo program.   Volunteers have supported Global Communities programs in 28 countries around the world for more than 15 years. We mobilize individuals or teams of volunteers with varying levels of expertise on assignments that vary in length, subject matter, and scope. Our volunteers make a difference by engaging with communities, governments, the private sector and NGOs as partners for good – bringing together complementary strengths and shared responsibilities to work toward a common goal.  Joining our volunteer community also delivers many intangible benefits for the volunteers themselves. Volunteers access a truly unique opportunity that allows them to experience new places... Read more
Jun 01, 2016
Global Communities in India: Empowering Communities to Sustain Positive Change Since 2003, Global Communities has been partnering with India’s local governments, national ministries, corporations and hundreds of communities across the country to design and implement programs that reduce poverty and empower communities to sustain positive change. Global Communities’ programs help stakeholders create more-inclusive growth by not only improving infrastructure and access to basic services, but also livelihoods and overall empowerment. The outcomes of our programs include: new and improved housing,increased access to sanitation and water, better solid waste management, new vocational skills for livelihoods and employment,... Read more
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