Sep 14, 2011
Green School Plants a Brighter Future for Kosovo's Children By Danielle Duran Baron In order to give every child in Kosovo's severely overcrowded schools an opportunity to receive an education, three four-hour classroom shifts are often the norm. For almost a decade, USAID has worked with Kosovo school system leaders to alleviate this problem through expanding and rehabilitating existing schools. In 2009, this effort took a new turn. USAID, in partnership with CHF International, introduced the concept of a "Green School" to address overcrowding in the Medresa-Cameria section of Pristina, the capital of Kosovo. Green Schools practice energy efficiency and water conservation, as well as use non-toxic and recyclable building materials in an effort to reduce the negative environmental... Read more
Jun 17, 2011
Green Building: New Technologies for New Territories The increased worldwide incidence of floods and other extreme weather in recent years demonstrates that climate change has ceased to be an abstract—we all experience it, in whatever part of the world we live. In 2010 alone, Global Communities responded to floods in Colombia, Montenegro and Pakistan, providing assistance to thousands of displaced people. As critical as these emergency responses are, it is better to prevent than to respond and Global Communities is working in partnership with the private sector, governments and communities around the world to do just that. The increased worldwide incidence of floods and other extreme weather in recent years demonstrates... Read more
May 31, 2011
CHF International Inaugurates Innovative Green School in Kosovo PHOTO: Students at the Green School perform at the Inauguration This spring CHF International inaugurated an innovative new Green School, equipped with cutting edge technology, in Kosovo. The school will serve as a model of sustainability and a learning tool for both the students that will attend it in the coming months as well as the Kosovo’s graduate students who will be monitoring its efficiency. The Municipality of Pristina, Kosovo’s capital city, worked hand in hand with USAID in pioneering the Green School project, calling upon the technical skills their implementing partner, CHF International. In the past decade CHF and USAID have worked together to build schools in Kosovo, responding to severe overcrowding in the... Read more
May 19, 2011
CHF International: Building a Green World CHF International has long been a world leader in the construction industry. With climate change at the forefront of the world’s concerns, CHF International is a green construction pioneer, incorporating environmentally friendly and energy-efficient elements into the majority of our construction projects. These projects serve to provide lessons learned and identify best practices for the future of the construction industry around the world. Read more about our green building practices here
May 17, 2011
Inauguration of CHF's Green School in Kosovo CHF International inaugurates an innovative new Green School, equipped with cutting edge technology, in Kosovo. Energy efficiency is an important issue in Kosovo, where much of the electricity used is provided by a coal-fueled power plant, emitting high quantities of pollution and providing little energy security. The Green School features four main goals; to reduce energy consumption and increase energy independence, to promote a healthy learning environment, to serve as tool for teaching about renewable energy and green construction, and finally to function as a pilot school, a replicable model for future Green Schools.
Oct 09, 2009
Kosovo Town Celebrates New School By Media-Newswire.com Cikatove e Vjeter, Kosovo — In this 2,000-person village, building a new school was a community-wide project. So when the new Deshmoret e Drenices Primary School celebrated its opening day October 2, hundreds showed up for the celebration featuring speeches, musical performances, dancing and singing. Community involvement is an important aspect of education, Patricia Rader, director of U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Kosovo mission, said at the school’s opening ceremony as students and adults alike waved Albanian, Kosovar and American flags. Rader was joined by Drenas Municipality Mayor Nexhat Dermaku and Kosovo’s deputy minister for education, Agim... Read more
Apr 16, 2009
Kosovo Success Story: Students in Vushtrri Repair their School CHF through the USAID funded Small Infrastructure for Education in Kosovo Program (SIEK) is implementing 17 school construction projects in 2009 with average cost of well over $200,000 (cost share included). The projects being implemented are designed to reduce classroom shifts and improve learning conditions in Kosovo’s schools. CHF has also identified a few smaller pilot projects that are proving to have a big impact. One of these projects is in Vushtrri where materials were provided to a group of teachers and students allowing them to renovate school bathrooms themselves. When CHF visited the Technical School Eqrem Qabej in Vushtrri, it was determined that even though conditions in the school were poor, the school would... Read more
Oct 12, 2007
Enhancing Financial Services in Kosovo Merle Borchers | VIP Assignment, May 2001-October 2002 Three years after the war in Kosovo ended, thousands of residents had begun to reconstruct their homes, shops, schools, roads and bridges. In western Kosovo, CHF International provided a range of business services to construction entrepreneurs through the Kosovo Construction and Employment Program (KCEP). CHF offered technical assistance, general and specialized training, market research, and strategic networking between small- and medium-sized enterprises. Visiting International Professional (VIP™) Merle Borchers, an experienced financial consultant, went to Kosovo twice to work with local business consultants to enhance their financial expertise to support their clients.... Read more
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