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Oct 05, 2006
The Mechanics of Hope: Eight Stories of Hope and Personal Growth Hundreds of youth from Altos de Cazucá in Soacha and from the Agua Blanca District in Cali now see life with a hopeful perspective. These empowered youth have learned new skills, providing them with the opportunity to generate an income of their own. They have been taught to recognize their rights and duties as citizens. They have formed new groups centered around cultural, sports and recreational activities. Together, they are bettering their lives and escaping cycles of violence and delinquency in their communities. Most importantly, they value their own and others’ lives more than ever before. They are the youth beneficiaries of Youth for Change and Conflict Reduction (YCCR), a CHF International program implemented... Read more
Sep 08, 2006
Economic Civil Society Organizations in Democracy-Building: Experiences from Three Transition Countries
This study analyzes the role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the still-unfolding process of democratic transition in Montenegro, Georgia and Lebanon. The recent experience of these and other transition economies shows that the task of building genuine democratic institutions is protracted, and often accompanied by setbacks. The lack of instant or short-term results can contribute to a sense of disillusion with particular leaders and, in the worst case, may lead to disillusion with democracy itself. CSOs cannot solve all the problems of democratic transition on their own, particularly when – as in the case of Lebanon – the country is overtaken by external conflict.... Read more
Jul 17, 2006
Ceremony to Mark Completion of U.S. Supported Road Project in Jalilabad The opening ceremony of a completed road project in the Guneshli community of Jalilabad will take place on Tuesday, July 17, 2006, the embassy told Trend. This project was made possible through a USAID-funded program managed by CHF International. This road rehabilitation project was identified as one of Guneshli’s highest priorities by its elected Community Development Council as part of USAID’s Community Development Activity program, a five year community based program implemented by CHF International. Residents of Guneshli community believe that this project will improve the community’s transportation infrastructure, thereby providing better access for villagers and community members to the marketplace, and social... Read more
Jul 05, 2006
USAID to Give US$7.2m This Year in Mongolia The US Agency for International Development (USAID) announced on June 23 that Mongolia would receive US$7.32 million in 2006 as assistance under two separate strategic objective grant agreements. The first objective aims at accelerating private sector-led economic growth. The other focuses on strengthening democracy and governance. The first agreement provides about US$4.9 million for three ongoing projects related to economic growth, expanded private sector participation, and business development in both rural and urban Mongolia. These projects, which will run through 2008, focus on urban and rural business development; private sector development; the investment and policy environments; financial sector reform; and improving the overall... Read more
Jun 09, 2006
Landmark Economic Symposium in Port au Prince Links Private Sector to Local Communities CHF International, a leading organization in humanitarian development worldwide, hosted a conference on June 7-8, 2006 entitled Economic Opportunity and Stability: Critical Partnerships for Sustainable Development in Central Haiti. Over 100 stakeholders from across the nation attended the two-day event. This event was especially significant because it brought Haitian citizens from all sectors of society into the same room, working together for common goals for the development of Haiti. This type of inclusive workshop is something rarely held in Haiti. It is also especially important because Haiti is at such an important crossroads at this point in time. It is a new day in Haiti, as optimism from the... Read more
May 11, 2006
Equipping Bolivian Youth to Build Stability CHF International has been active in the Chapare region of Bolivia since 2003. Building on the success of that program, in July 2005, CHF was awarded a one-year grant from USAID’s Office of Conflict Management and Mitigation (CMM) to engage El Alto through the Managing Confl ict through Capacity, Leadership and Employment (MCCLE) program. (Almost simultaneously, CHF won a similar grant from CMM for the Youth for Change and Conflict Resolution in Colombia). MCCLE takes a two-pronged approach to managing conflict in El Alto. First, MCCLE engages youth from the “bottom up” in vocational and leadership training, so that youth are offered positive alternatives to protest that keep them busy and engaged and build their self-esteem. Second, MCCLE engages... Read more
Mar 13, 2006
CHF/USAID Community Development Activity Program in Azerbaijan Gears Up The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded Community Development Activity, implemented by CHF International in coordination with Regional ExComs, will facilitate rayon wide outreach conferences from March 14 through March 19 2006. One outreach conference will be held in each rayon, (Zagatala, Gakh, Sheki, Guba, Gusar, Devechi, Khachmaz, Jalilabad, Lenkaran, Masalli, and Astara), bringing together representatives from all villages and city districts. In this conference, attendees will learn about the USAID funded Community Development Activity and how their communities can complete an Expression of Interest form for consideration and selection into the program. Approximately 2000 city... Read more
Dec 19, 2005
CHF and USAID Launch EPLA in Gaza/West Bank The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Provides US $21 million to Support the Empowerment of Palestinian Local Authorities Program (EPLA) Dr. Khaled Fahed Qawasmi, Minister of Local Government and Mr. James Bever, Mission Director of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), will sign a Memorandum of Understanding on Tuesday 12 December 2005 announcing the official launch of the USAID funded Empowering Palestinian Local Authorities program (EPLA) – a three year program designed to enhance the capacity of national and local level government units to meet the needs of their communities. EPLA will be implemented by CHF International leading a consortium composed of international and Palestinian... Read more
Dec 09, 2005
Strengthening Local Governance in Gaza and the West Bank From the time of its inception in 1994, the structure of the Palestinian Authority promoted the centralization of decision-making and resource aggregation.As a result, historic municipalities and other local government units (LGUs) were often starved of resources and deprived of the autonomy to decide local issues and promote local development. Very few had their own sources of revenues and were forced to depend on periodic, irregular, and often politicized disbursements from the central government, which effectively prevented the establishment of procedure at the local level for many LGUs. However, both the Palestinian Authority and the donor community are now committed to the promotion of an agenda for decentralized governance—... Read more
Sep 26, 2005
Socio-Psychologists Focus on Schoolchildren’s Behavior By Elham Hassan, Yemen Observer Newspaper SANA’A - Can a teacher become a friend of his or her students, listen to their problems and give them advice? Can he or she dispense with the cane, for so long the first and last recourse in punishing children, and replace it with sticker stars or other forms of positive reward? Alternatives to Combat Child Labor through Education & Sustainable Services in Middle East and North Africa (ACCESS-MENA-YEMENL) organized a socio-psychological training courses in which more then 60 male and female psycho-social specialists, basic education teachers, school headmasters and educationalists in the govern orates of Hajja, Abean and Ibb took part, from September 4 to7. The ACCESS-MENA-YEMENL... Read more
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