Economic Development

Feb 04, 2020
In Ukraine, the USAID DOBRE Program supported the opening of a Tourism and Business Development Center in Starosaltivska consolidated community. The newly established Center will serve as a space for local governance, private sector entrepreneurs and regular community members (8,805 in total) to improve dialog through joint business meetings and consultations, to enhance participatory cooperation leading to the community prosperous economic and tourism growth. Watch the video below to learn more.
Jan 31, 2020
Here is a short answer – the consolidated communities (CCs) underwent a budget transparency evaluation. In November 2019, the Crystal of the Year Award acknowledged the top performing CCs that were evaluated with the joint methodology implemented by USAID DOBRE and U-LEAD with Europe Programs, including the public coalition “For Transparent Local Budgets!” The evaluation was performed in 106 CCs in 18 Oblasts of Ukraine. 47 DOBRE partner CCs were evaluated for the second time in a row, and their index scores prove that the CCs increased the level of budget transparency in just one year. The maximum transparency index grew higher: from 46 to 61 points. Moreover, there were significant system changes revealed: average budget transparency levels increased 17.7% in all 47 CCs. In 2018 the... Read more
Dec 12, 2019
CHF Management and Consulting Services Egypt S.A.E. (CHF MCSE) provides loan guarantees to SME loans in Egypt. With funding from Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), Global Communities through CHF MCSE has established a $250 million loan guaranty facility to support lending to the enterprise sector in Egypt with a strong focus on the small- and medium-enterprise (SME) sector. Priority is given to loans with the highest job generation or retention potential. The facility can also be extended to guarantee bank loans to micro finance institutions. The program provides technical assistance and training programs on a demand-driven basis to officers and managers from partner banks. Please click below to view the November 2019 newsletter for CHF Management and Consulting Services... Read more
Dec 05, 2019
Local officials and civil society representatives from the Global Communities-implemented DOBRE program in Ukraine toured nine cities in the eastern United States in October to learn more about economic development, civic infrastructure, and promoting citizen engagement from their American counterparts. The 48 participants were from communities newly consolidated under Ukraine’s decentralization reforms that began in 2014. The USAID “Decentralization Offering Better Results and Efficiency,” known as DOBRE, is working to strengthen their capacity to use their new community budgetary and governing responsibilities. Participants came with a mission to explore new avenues of local economic development and governance and to bring those... Read more
Nov 12, 2019
According to the World Bank, Ghana’s youth population increased from 1.1 million in 1960 to 4.6 million in 2010. A major concern of successive governments in recent years has been to create adequate, decent and sustainable jobs for the growing youth population. Relative improvements in the country’s GDP, which has averaged six percent growth within the last decade, have not translated into opportunities for the growing youth population. This has created a yawning gap in unemployment, though estimates of the numbers vary. The World Bank for instance estimates that of those unemployed, 65% are between 15 and 24 years while the most recent Ghana Living Standards Survey Round 6... Read more
Nov 01, 2019

Bulldozer procured for Bashtanska CC Co-Authors: Head of Bashtanska Consolidated Community and the Department Specialists “The story about savings started in 2018, when Bashtanska Consolidated Community (CC), established in 2017, decided to purchase a bulldozer to handle a landfill site. To budget for the needed costs, we had to do market research. The price for similar machinery ranged between 5.4 mln Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) to 3.8 mln UAH. Notably, we aimed for 3.8 mln UAH as the base price and announced a call for commercial offers in October 2018,” explains Tetyana Zavorotnyuk, a procurement specialist in Bashtanska CC. According to Zavorotnyuk, four bulldozer-producing companies participated in the tender. The company from Zaporizhzhia was granted the offer, as during the... Read more
Oct 25, 2019

Photo by Robert Houk/Johnson City Press Written by Robert Houk. This article was originally published by the Johnson City Press   A 30-member delegation from Ukraine was in the region Thursday to learn how Johnson City and other local governments are tackling economic and community development issues. The group — consisting of elected mayors and appointed economic development officials from rural areas of Ukraine — started the day reviewing workforce development programs in Kingsport before taking a walking tour of storm water mitigation and redevelopment efforts in downtown... Read more
Oct 17, 2019
Empowering Young People through Up to Youth Launched in April 2019, Global Communities is implementing a five-year Up to Youth Activity in Kosovo, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), committed to improving the capacities and enabling the aspirations of youth so that they can contribute to and benefit from more stable, democratic, and prosperous communities. The Activity works with the youth in nine municipalities to help them become a source of change for their own and for their communities’ positive development; and encourage youth participation in development efforts leading towards an effective democratic society, and strengthened economies. Despite being one of the poorest countries in Europe, with the support of USAID and other donors, Kosovo is... Read more
Oct 02, 2019
In 2015, Global Communities' launched the One Good Idea Award as an opportunity to create, innovate and promote learning from within and capture the innovation and learning that occurs at both the headquarters and field level. The Award, which is supported by the Sanders Family Foundation, allows us to reflect on how we can strengthen our interventions, methodologies, and programming more broadly and use what we capture to position Global Communities as thought leaders in the industry. This year’s winner, announced on October 1, 2019, is the Entrepreneurship Development activity in Sri Lanka. Proposed by Global Communties' subsidiary in Jordan, Partners for Good, the Entrepreneurship Development in Sri Lanka... Read more
Sep 13, 2019
This article was originally published on the US Embassy of Ghana Website Tamale, GHANA— Since 2014, over 96,000 women in northern Ghana saved USD $7.8 million – or about 42,659,747 cedis – and invested the money to improve the health, education, nutrition, and economic opportunities of their families. Last year, Nanumba North received 98% in the District Performance Assessment conducted by the Ministry of Local Government, the second highest score nationally. As a result, the district received 1.2 million Ghana cedis (USD $220,000) to implement district priorities. These accomplishments are a result of the hard work of the District Assemblies and community members... Read more
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