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Mar 26, 2021
Traditional community-based rural water systems with their shallow wells and handpumps often do not provide sustainable water services. Pumps often break down and wells dry up; alternative water sources are frequently contaminated. This was the situation in Kalba, Ghana, a farming community with about 4,500 residents in 520 households. Kalba had ten shallow wells (boreholes), seven with handpumps and three privately owned. Unfortunately, almost all of them dried up during the dry season and the hand pumps were in a deplorable state. The community turned to hand-dug wells, streams and dams, until they too dried up. Kalba was a good candidate for a new approach to sustainable water services, the Small Town Water System funded by USAID Wash for Health Project. Now completed, the water system... Read more
Mar 23, 2021
A solution was shining down on the community of Jayshan Abyan, Jayshan — As a general rule of thumb, you can survive without water for about three days. In the sun-washed community of Jayshan, this is precisely how long 6,500 people had to wait to get water: once every three days.  Surprisingly, there is plenty of water in Jayshan. The water system flows from a well, drilled 35 years ago, that has not run dry. However, the main problem is the cost of getting this water to people. More specifically, the cost of powering the pump that supplies water to the residents of Jayshan.   When the water system was originally built, a diesel-powered water pump was installed. In Jayshan, diesel is scarce and expensive.  So expensive, in fact, the local committee managing their water system had to cut... Read more
Nov 28, 2020
by Kathya de Silva Senarath The government opened its first regional Infectious Disease Hospital (IDH) in Kilinochchi in the Northern Province on November 11, 2020, as a part of an island-wide program to increase capacities to treat the growing number of Covid-19 patients in the area. The USAID-funded Social Cohesion and Reconciliation Activity (SCORE) project, implemented by Global Communities, is proud to be a part of this milestone achievement of the Sri Lankan health authorities since the new IDH hospital is now directing  the SCORE donations made earlier this year to the Regional Director of Health Services (RDHS) Kilinochchi, making it possible for the hospital to open to the public sooner than it otherwise would have. As a part of the coronavirus emergency response, SCORE supported... Read more
Sep 17, 2020
N. Sridevi, a single mother of two from Maharambaikulam in the conflict-affected Vavuniya district in the North of Sri Lanka, had been concerned over the area’s drinking water for many years. The people in the North and North Central Provinces have been experiencing high levels of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) for the last decade, and they believe the region’s polluted groundwater is the cause, although this has not yet been scientifically proven. Sridevi is still fearful of drinking groundwater, especially for her children. “There is a common belief among our villagers that the region’s water is contaminated and causes kidney diseases. So, we purchase water bottles from the town 2 km away at high costs,” she said. Seventeen percent of the families in the Vavuniya district have at least... Read more
Feb 12, 2018
A Role for Social Protection Investments to Support Food and Nutrition Security: Lessons from Ghana By Reid Hamel, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Executive Summary Social safety net programs have expanded rapidly in recent decades as an instrument to combat extreme poverty and food and nutrition insecurity. In 2008, Ghana launched its Livelihoods Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) cash transfer program to provide basic support for households with orphaned children. Since that time, LEAP has grown to become the country’s flagship social protection program, reaching beneficiaries with varied vulnerability profiles nationwide. LEAP has also linked enrolled households to free... Read more
Feb 05, 2018
USAID DOBRE Program Launches New Reality Show: "Hromada for a Million"
Announcement of the Hromada for a Million TV series at UCMC, on January 25th, 2018. From left to right: Susan Fritz, USAID Mission Director; Alla Staschenko, Creative Producer and two show's hosts: Iryna Ozymok and Dmytro Ohniov. The USAID DOBRE Program has partnered with the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center (UCMC) and the national Ukrainian TV channel 1+1 to produce a new reality show called "Hromada for a Million." Hromada means "community" and during the course of the show, five consolidated communities will compete for the main prize— UAH 1 million (approximately 35,000 USD) from the USAID Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF) to create projects that result in real change in their cities and villages. Hromada for... Read more
Dec 08, 2017
Building Institutions, Building Trust: Three Important Lessons on Fighting Corruption through Decentralization in Ukraine
Anti-corruption training as part of the the DOBRE program. By Yuliya Tkachuk, DOBRE Civic Engagement Expert For many Ukrainians, the future of their country is linked with its fight against corruption. The government has made countless commitments to its people, international partners, and potential investors to create efficient corruption prevention mechanisms and institutions, but a host of scandals and failures at the national level have cast doubt on this effort. In spite of this, one overlooked area is showing progress in this fight — newly amalgamated communities that, thanks to the decentralization reform, have started building local governance systems and... Read more
Nov 19, 2017
Global Communities Partners with Power Africa Community-engagement NGO focusing on ensuring effective take-up and sustainability of power projects in Africa
Photo credit: Power Africa Silver Spring (November 17, 2017) – Global Communities today announced that it has joined Power Africa, the groundbreaking USAID partnership focused on increasing the number of people in Africa with access to power. Power Africa brings together technical and legal experts, the public and private sectors and others with the goal of adding more than 30,000 megawatts of cleaner, more efficient electricity generation capacity and 60 million new home and business connections throughout the continent. Global Communities will partner with... Read more
Oct 13, 2017
“Work as if you live in the early days of a better nation” By David Humphries, Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs for Global Communities Spazheva Svitlana began our conversation by telling me that she had just returned from the Leadership Academy for Local Officials training series. She had just been on an exchange trip to Poland, part of the Academy’s curriculum which Global Communities had organized for heads of consolidated communities. I asked her what she had learned. This was my first meeting in Ukraine, but what she said would be repeated again and again by community leaders and local partners throughout my visit. “We learned how the people of Poland love their country and the importance of having this mentality in Ukraine. This is our land and we own it together.... Read more
Sep 13, 2017
In Ukraine, Women Take the Lead How leaders are unifying residents and bringing progress to a community As a former paramedic, Inna Kopiika knows how to handle emergencies. Her skills have proven useful in her current role as head of her community many times. She has served as the community head since 2015 when she decided to run for office in the village of Kutsurub, on the shores of the Black Sea in southern Ukraine, and shocked the local political elite by winning. She ran on a promise to “cure” the entire village and help bring progress that benefits everyone. Two years later she is fulfilling that promise, but not just for the village of Kutsurub. Kopiika and her team now oversee a community compromised of 12 villages with a population of more than 8,000 people. After Kopiika’s... Read more
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