Dec 19, 2017
Bringing Education Closer to Home Nicaraguan Youth Creating New Educational Opportunities
“Contributing to the welfare of our community.” The Youth Commission of Muelle de los Bueyes has brought young people together to address issues important to them including expanding educational opportunities. Muelle de los Bueyes is like the Texas of Nicaragua — not only is it the heart of Nicaraguan cattle country, but also because the communities there are known for their strong sense of tradition and conservative values. Muelle de los Bueyes literally translates to the “wharf of the oxen,” a confusing name since it is nowhere near the coast. The wharf actually refers to a boat dock on the Mico River which runs through the municipality. Generations ago, Muelle de los Bueyes was a bustling... Read more
Feb 23, 2017
Booklet: My Home as a Safe Space / Mi Casa Como Espacio Seguro The Knowledge and Risk Reduction Program, funded by USAID’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance, helped families to ensure their homes are safe places in the event of a natural disaster, such as floods and mudslides. The program was implemented in Medellin, Colombia. One aspect was the "Mi Casa Como Espacio Seguro" campaign “My home as a safe space,” which equipped families with a helpful booklet full of information and practices for ensuring their homes are resilient. The booklet was complemented by a poster designed for display in a home, which shows how many steps toward safety each home has taken.... Read more
Feb 07, 2017
Global Communities in Lebanon: Education and Employment of Youth MENA YES: Youth Employment and Education in Lebanon The unemployment rate in Lebanon increased from of 11 to 20 percent during the course of 2014, according to the World Bank. The Lebanese Ministry of Labor put this figure at closer to 25 percent, with youth unemployment at about 36 percent. Not surprisingly, unemployment and competition for jobs is among the greatest sources of conflict between Lebanese and Syrian youth. Global Communities implemented the MENA Youth Empowerment Strategy (YES) in Lebanon, Jordan and Yemen. The program, which was funded by the Caterpillar Foundation, addressed youth unemployment among 15- to 29- year olds. Global Communities engaged employers and vocational training... Read more
Dec 15, 2016
The new Global Fund grant will allocate $15.2 million to STI and HIV prevention programs in key populations and prioritized populations, as well as provide care and services for people living with HIV. The strategies to be implemented are: I. Reach key prioritized populations through prevention programs or delivery of the defined package of services.
The key populations are: Men who have sex with men (MSM) Transgender people Female sex workers Prioritized or Vulnerable Populations: Garífunas Prisoners The defined package of services consists of a face-to-face communication strategy as well as defined materials and services such as:  Information on STIs and HIV Delivery of condoms Delivery of educational material Promotion of HIV testing... Read more
Dec 08, 2016
Preparing Brazilian Youth for Community Leadership Global Communities is implementing the Sowing Futures in partnership with the John Deere Foundation to build the capacity of communities and local institutions to prioritize needs and mobilize resources that improve socio-economic conditions, particularly for at-risk youth in Horizontina, Brazil. This video shows how the program works with community members to form community development committees and help develop their capacities as community leaders. Sowing Futures staff designed a 40-hour course that provides knowledge and skills training in participatory community development, community facilitation, community development planning, stakeholder engagement and project development. So far, they have offered three courses, with the... Read more
Nov 09, 2016
Video: Social Entrepreneurship Conference in Moline A new social entrepreneurship series by Western Illinois University took a closer look at the ongoing revitalization efforts in Moline's Floreciente neighborhood. Global Communities is implementing the Flourishing Communities program, funded by the John Deere Foundation, in Floreciente and engaging residents to reinvigorate the  neighborhood and improve the quality of life. The panel discussion was open to the WIU campus community and the public and included Annisa Wanat, project director from Global Communities. The series offered a platform for projects such as Floreciente's revitalization efforts to raise awareness with WIU's students, faculty and staff as well as the community and to inspire young entrepreneurs to... Read more
Nov 09, 2016
USAID supported Youth Leader Wins the Accelerating Innovation through Young Leaders Awards at Habitat III In the run-up to the UN Habitat III conference in Quito, Ecuador, October 17-20, 2016, the Mega-Cities Project organized a global competition to identify Young Leaders that are implementing creative solutions to urban challenges at the intersection of poverty, environment and voice. Global Communities shared this opportunity with Francisco Javier Sequeira Rankin, a young leader supported by USAID’s Municipal Governance Program (MGP) who has been successful in strengthening youth civic engagement through the Bluefield’s Indian & Caribbean University (BICU) Observatory for Human Rights and Autonomy (OHRA). Francisco was one of two Young... Read more
Nov 09, 2016
Learning Brief 3: Market Feasibility for Financial Products Focused on Youth in Construction The data in this report was based on assessment of results from: a literature review, 9 focus group discussions, 29 key informant interviews, and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data from banking industry players. The focus group discussions consisted of 77 youth selected based on age, location2 and demonstrated interest in construction measured by attendance at a technical training center. The key findings in the report include the following. Youth have high experience with savings, but limited access to loans Youth have difficulty providing proof of residence and recommend a wide range of account fees... Read more
Nov 09, 2016
Learning Brief 2: Knowledge Attitudes and Practices of Youth and Construction Sector Stakeholders in Ghana Construction is the back-bone of Ghana’s economy and shapes the outlook of cities, towns, and villages. It is estimated that the construction industry in Ghana contributes approximately USD 500 – 600 million annually to GDP (COTVET, 2010a). In 2012, the sector attained a growth of 11%, and its contribution to GDP was 8.9% (ISSER, 2013). Construction activity is relatively labor-intensive and can generate employment and has the potential to alleviate poverty. Although the construction industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy, growth in the sector has not been able to keep up with the... Read more
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