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Apr 20, 2012
On Earth Day, which takes place each year on April 22nd, we recognize the importance of clean air, clean water, and the importance of maintaining the integrity of the natural world around us. CHF is working in many of its programs to promote environmental sustainability and contribute to the body of knowledge in regards to “green construction” practices. By implementing programs that are sustainable and “green,” we are helping the communities in which we work improve their surroundings and their environment. West Bank and Gaza—Safeer Children’s Center In the West Bank, CHF’s green construction initiatives are creating a model for the future of environmentally sustainable buildings in the Middle East. The Safeer Children’s Center incorporated... Read more
Nov 28, 2020
By Kathya de Silva Senarath Before Covid-19 hit Sri Lanka, long queues were the usual scene at hospitals, and patients had to wait a long time to get medicine. Such was the case at the Vavuniya General Hospital as Samantha Sebanesarani, an Urban Councilor recalls, when she went for checkups. Additionally, the pharmacy closes during lunch time without anyone being allocated to distribute medicines and patients had to wait till the pharmacy reopened after lunch. For many years Sebanesarani put up with these inconveniences, until she attended trainings conducted by the Association for War Affected Women (AWAW) under USAID’s Social Cohesion and Reconciliation Activity (SCORE) project, implemented by Global Communities. It was then that she realized she could change the situation.   “As a... Read more
Nov 20, 2019
Managing access to water in the so-called Dry Corridor is key to economic and food security in the Central American country. Reporting/photo: Teresa Welsh, Article production: Naomi Mihara
This article was originally published on the Devex website. San Antonio del Norte, HONDURAS — The pavement winds south through the Honduran countryside as pine forests shift gradually into the dry lowlands of the country’s drought-prone region. The new road, known as the Dry Channel, connects the Pacific and Atlantic sides of the country for the first time. For now, the road runs mostly through remote... Read more
Jun 14, 2019
A word from David A. Weiss, President and CEO of Global Communities: Our people and partners are truly remarkable. They bring to life our nearly 60 programs in 28 countries. Our people are the ones on the front lines working with some of the most vulnerable populations around the world, and in some of the toughest environments, to help them improve their lives and livelihoods. How do they do it? By bringing to life a combination of our collective technical expertise and our ability to build trust with the people in the communities we serve. In Latin America, our programs in Honduras provide opportunities to youth who are otherwise vulnerable to gang recruitment; they help small farmers... Read more
Apr 16, 2019
For Honduras, a reliable water supply in the impoverished, dry south is the key to prosperity that keeps families together, stabilizes impoverished communities and gives its most capable people reason to stay in the region rather than move to cities or head north to the United States. “We have the land, but without water, we have nothing,” a Honduran farmer involved in the USAID-funded COSECHA project said. Farming in Honduras’ dry south can be a daunting task, but with development of an efficient irrigation system with assistance from the U.S. government and Global Communities, small farmers are able to harvest more cycles of crops and raise their standard of living. The entire region’s economy benefits from turning around the annual drought. No longer are the elderly and children left... Read more
Sep 05, 2018
Biogas for Better Access to Energy and Livelihood Rural villages in northern Syria are facing severe energy crises due to damaged infrastructure, fuel scarcity, and the poor quality and high price of fuels available. All this leads to a lack of power generation, greatly affecting people’s lives. Recent fuel shortages in Idleb have led to an unavailability and unaffordability of this critical commodity for Syrians living in the area. Through the Biogas for Better Access to Energy and Livelihood program, Global Communities is equipping 250 families with the materials and knowledge needed to produce biogas at the household level, enabling them to cook, light and heat their homes using a sustainable fuel source. This innovative... Read more
Aug 24, 2018
Video: USAID Cosecha Water Harvesting Program in Honduras The effects of climate change have brought disastrous consequences to the agricultural sector in the southern zone of Honduras. In an effort to combat this, with financing from the United States Agency for International Development / Development Innovation Ventures (USAID/DIV), Global Communities has implemented the "Cosecha" (Harvest) program. Utilizing a controlled trial, Cosecha has constructed four reservoirs and delivered agriculture kits for the sustainable production of corn, watermelon, squash, beans, and other vegetables. In doing so, the program strives to provide evidence to policy makers and donors on supporting agriculture in the southern zone of Honduras. Ultimately, this evidence will provide insight on how... Read more
Aug 02, 2018
Supporting Communities’ Disaster Resilience Drawing on decades of experience, Global Communities partners with communities to recover after natural disasters by addressing long-term needs and rebuilding climate-resilient infrastructure. As a leader in community development and community engagement, Global Communities works with communities to strengthen their environmental resilience through climate change adaptation planning and disaster risk mitigation. At the center of all of our work is our proven Participatory Action for Community Engagement (PACE) approach, empowering communities to identify, prioritize and find solutions to their most pressing needs. Resulting resilience programming... Read more
Jul 11, 2018
Global Communities, DLA Piper, Hannover Re and Willis Towers Watson Team Up to Promote Resilience for Vulnerable Communities Exposed to Weather and Climate-related Risks July 11th, 2018, Berlin, Germany — Global Communities, DLA Piper, Hannover Re and Willis Towers Watson announced today that they are partnering to promote resilience for communities that are susceptible to weather-related risks. The partnership will jointly apply to KfW, the German government-owned development bank’s, InsuResilience Solutions Fund to enable insurance solutions for municipalities in Colombia that are among the most vulnerable and exposed to natural hazards. While national frameworks for disaster risk management and climate change adaptation exist, capacity at the local government and... Read more
May 25, 2017
Local Government and Infrastructure Program Final Program Report Global Communities’ Local Governance and Infrastructure (LGI) program improved the quality of life for Palestinians throughout the West Bank and Gaza. In addition to impactful infrastructure, LGI enhanced local service delivery, promoted good governance, engaged citizens in community decision making, increased local capacity for building and management, created new opportunities for employment and local economic development, enabled gender mainstreaming, implemented green practices and educated adults and children about green building. The overall goal of the Local Government and Infrastructure (LGI) program was to promote an enabling environment... Read more
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