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Dec 19, 2005
Generating Employment, Improving Lives For 58-year-old Anush Margaryan, and many Armenians like her, the country’s dearth of employment opportunities has made it nearly impossible for her to make ends meet and care for all those who depend on her for support. A pensioner who lives in a one-room apartment with her 34-year-old daughter – who has had health problems and is unable to work – along with her 12-year-old granddaughter, Anush says that they have barely scraped by. “During the last 5 months we were almost starving. We had no income aside from my monthly pension and poverty family benefits, which hardly cover our daily needs.” However, things have begun to change for Anush as a result of the recent opening of the USAID Public Works Project in Sevan, which was a collaborative... Read more
Jul 12, 2005
YEDI an initiative to save the Yemeni youth By Nadia al-Sakkaf, The Yemen Times Yemen is a country characterised by its young population. This means that a great percentage of its population (above 60%) are between the ages of 15 – 45. Consequently, the unemployment rate of this productive age group is higher than 30% in Yemen, an issue along with the increase in poverty (40% of the population below the food poverty line) is an increasing threat to development and stability of this country. “What is more dangerous than an idle angry young person who does not have even his basic needs covered?!” Commented Ms. Intilaq al-Mutwakil head of Girls World Communication Centre (GWCC) and co-organiser of the Youth Economic Development Initiative (YEDI) during the first meeting for its advisory... Read more
Jul 11, 2005
Youth Economic Development Initiative (YEDI) Provides Training for Jobless Youth A huge number of young people is pressing each year into the labor market of  Yemen. The economic activity is too weak to create Jobs for more than a small number of lucky exceptions. On the other hand it is very clear that there is a big Gap between the qualifications available and the ones required by the market. In spite of the long line of jobless citizens, skilled labor, qualified employees and even managers are often hired from abroad. The job basis in Yemen is small and should create opportunities for its youth in the first place. Due to the urgent need to bring vocational education in line with the demands of the labor market, and in order to keep up with the rapid developments in the fields of... Read more
May 26, 2005
CHF International to Revitalize Palestinian Parks System SILVER SPRING, Md., May 25 /PRNewswire/—CHF International, a major international development and humanitarian relief organization, has launched a 12-month program funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) that will build and revitalize at least 16 parks throughout the Palestinian territories of Gaza and the West Bank. In addition to providing enhanced recreational access and an improved quality of life for over 800,000 community members, the Palestinian American Recreation and Conservation Services Project (PARCS) will provide residents with immediate employment opportunities through construction and revitalization projects. In addition, architecture students from local universities will be involved in the... Read more
Apr 11, 2005
Help for Unemployed Yemeni Youth   In cooperation with the Girls’ World Communication Center (GWCC), the Youth Economic Development Initiative program (YEDI) has held a ceremony to mark the graduation of its first group of young trainees. The ceremony was conducted under the patronage of the minister of Youth and Sport Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Akwaa. Ms. Kabul al-Mutawakl, the head of YEDI, gave Yemen Times a brief idea about the program “The program is called YEDI and it is run by CHF-international organization and GWCC-a local organization. The program started in last January… We are targeting the youth who are not working either they have no job or they are not enrolled in schools or universities.” “The idea of the program is just to give these youths a chance to find a job and have a... Read more
Feb 24, 2005
Economic Workshops Bring Along Economic Situation in Southern Uzbekistan In the context of the Community Action Investment Programme (CAIP), CHF International and Counterpart International conducted two, one-day economic workshops in the Surkhandarya and Kashkadarya regions of Uzbekistan. More than 80 people representing governmental agencies, CAIP communities, local and international NGOs and the media participated in the two workshops. The goal of the workshops was to define and get agreement on concrete solutions to increase opportunities for small and medium sized businesses in southern Uzbekistan. Kashkadarya and Surkhandarya regions of southern Uzbekistan –28 January and 11 February 2005 — as part of the Community Action Investment Programme (CAIP), CHF International and... Read more
Oct 17, 2004
Alternatives to Conflict (ACT) program in Tajikistan CHF International's Alternatives to Conflict in Tajikistan (ACT) program an innovative, market-oriented initiative, was designed to provide employment and economic opportunities for young people in northern Tajikistan. This program recognized that finding employment for young people, particularly among young men between the ages of 15 and 35, is one of the highest priorities for communities living in this region. In many cases, young people who cannot access income opportunities are obliged to seek work outside Tajikistan. For some of these young unemployed men, the military or other political groups become attractive alternatives while some, perceiving no other future opportunities, may be influenced to engage in violent crime or... Read more
Jan 05, 2003
Rural Economic Development Initiative - REDI (1997 – 2002) Funded by USAID, the REDI program began in 1997 with the goal of helping families in rural communities improve their living standards. It focused on repairing damage resulting from the 16-year civil war through the creation and technical support of cluster project committees, which not only resulted in community driven projects, but also brought together splintered communities through the development process. Initially, the amount of the Cooperative Agreement between CHF and USAID was around US $6 million but was expanded after the Israeli withdrawal in May 2000 reaching a total amount of $12 million. CHF, in cooperation with the local NGO - Cooperation for Development (CD), implemented 176 projects, where CHF’s contribution to... Read more
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