Apr 06, 2021
For several decades, Global Communities and PCI, a Global Communities Partner, have taken a comprehensive, integrated approach to health programming. The merger of Global Communities and PCI one year ago coincided with the onset of the pandemic, and its responses are well informed by the rich history in health programming that each organization brought to the merger itself. Our responses to the coronavirus also reinforce the importance of our broader health programming, with an emphasis on social mobilization and health behavior change. The needs brought into focus by COVID-19 have reinforced the importance of our water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) programming, prioritizing community engagement, strong local partnerships, and long-term sustainability, everywhere we work. Additionally,... Read more
Nov 10, 2020
Silver Spring, MD – Global Communities and PCI, a Global Communities Partner are quickly mobilizing for an integrated regional response to Hurricane Eta, which brought life-threatening storm surges, damaging winds, flash floods, and landslides to Central America last week. Global Communities and PCI have decades of experience in Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, as well as highly trained country teams prepared to partner with communities to address the immediate humanitarian needs and longer-term response. Since Hurricane Eta made landfall with winds of 140 miles per hour, Global Communities and PCI have marshalled existing resources to prepare for a response across the region. Immediate priorities include mobilizing country teams currently on the ground to conduct rapid... Read more
Apr 10, 2019
Washington, D.C. – The Alliance for International Youth Development, a group of leading US-based international development organizations, calls on Congress and the Administration to continue support for US government-funded programs in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. No one wants to flee their homes, but many young people are desperate to find alternatives to lives of forced gang violence and sexual exploitation. US development assistance is providing much-needed support to secondary, vocational and higher education, expanding access to employment and entrepreneurship, and providing violence prevention services to at-risk youth. US aid programs aimed at youth are not purely altruistic. They are essential to a... Read more
Oct 15, 1982
Housing is for People 1952-1982: A Report by the Cooperative Housing Foundation This report covers CHF's beginnings as an organization promoting cooperative housing in the United States, as well as some of  CHF's earliest work internationally in countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Swaziland, Tanzania, Jamaica, Panama, Haiti, Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Domican Republic, Ecuador, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Thailand. Read the full report here.
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