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Nov 10, 2005
A Small Village Gets Big Visitors MATARA, February 2005. When former presidents Bush and Clinton recently announced the donation of $1 million from the Houston Tsunami Fund for the welfare of Sri Lankan children affected by the tsunami, it is likely their visit to the small refugee settlement of Alabadawatha two months previous was not far from their minds. The intimate hour the two ex-presidents spent with five displaced families in USAID-funded temporary shelters clustered together in the corner of this fishing community may have had a profound impact on Presidents Bush and Clinton, but to the children, they were just two foreigners who seemed to have a keen interest in hearing their stories and seeing how they were coping with life after the tsunami. Shortly after their arrival on... Read more
Aug 01, 2005
AIG Disaster Relief Fund Donation a Timely Catalyst for Post-Tsunami Reconstruction Now that immediate efforts to assist tsunami victims with housing and food relief are well underway, the American International Group, Inc. (AIG) Disaster Relief Fund and CHF International are joining together to begin the next critical phase of long-term reconstruction that will be needed for years to come. An AIG Disaster Relief Fund donation of more than half a million dollars will provide for the complete revitalization of one of Banda Aceh’s former hubs for fresh food and employment, Penayong Market. The project will directly benefit over 1,400 fishermen, meat producers, vendors and construction laborers – many of whom are now internally displaced persons – so that they can regain a regular source... Read more
Feb 24, 2005
Statement Before the Maryland Delegation  Judith A. Hermanson, Senior Vice President, CHF International Thank you Senator Sarbanes and other distinguished committee members for inviting me to speak today. I am Judith Hermanson, the Senior Vice President of CHF International. We are a global humanitarian and development organization based in Silver Spring, Maryland. We have 75 employees in Maryland and another 1300 worldwide. Our mission is to create long lasting, positive change in post-disaster, post-conflict and low-income communities. And, since 1952, we have accomplished this in more than 100 countries. CHF International currently has programs in 36 countries, including re-building in places such as tsunami-ravaged South Asia; the post-conflict areas of Sudan, Liberia, Afghanistan... Read more
Feb 24, 2005
Former Presidents Visit CHF International's Shelter Projects in Sri Lanka SILVER SPRING, Md., Feb. 24 /U.S. Newswire/ – The success of post-tsunami reconstruction efforts depends in large part on sustaining the interest and supportive commitment of international leaders like former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, who recently visited CHF International's shelter reconstruction projects in southern Sri Lanka. Presidents Clinton and Bush spent about approximately 15 minutes speaking with CHF International staff members about the transitional shelters they are building, which will provide recipients with a durable housing solution that they can expand on over time, or whose parts can be reused if they choose to move. "As Americans with a strong commitment to ensuring economic... Read more
Feb 02, 2005
CHF International Program to Directly Benefit at Least 16,000 Tsunami Victims SILVER SPRING, Md., Jan. 27 /U.S. Newswire/ -- CHF International, a world leader in post-disaster and post-conflict housing, understands the importance of long-term solutions for communities living in tsunami-devastated regions of South and Southeast Asia. As such, CHF International is launching a new program that will directly benefit at least 16,000 people in Sri Lanka, and will indirectly benefit tens of thousands more. The Recovery Assistance for Southern Sri Lanka (RASSL) program will provide displaced families in the country's Galle and Matara districts with 500 temporary shelters and 3,000 transitional shelters, in addition to completing 32 infrastructure projects that will benefit entire communities.... Read more
Jan 15, 2005
Hope for Survivors Bolsters Relief Effort By Erin Uy, Staff Writer, Silver Spring Gazette When Sarah Fahmy, a junior at Wheaton High School, scrolled through pictures on the Internet of tsunami-stricken countries, the images were often overwhelming. Some were more telling than others, and Fahmy said she was looking for a photo that sent a positive message – if that was possible. She stopped at a photo of a boy in tattered clothing who stood alone. Perfect, she thought, as she saved the image and pasted it on a box that would be used to collect money for survivors of the tsunamis that hit South Asia in late December. "It makes me wonder where he is and if he is alone," said Fahmy, pointing at the picture. "... I wanted [students] to feel for [the victims], but I wanted to show hope that... Read more
Oct 15, 1982
Housing is for People 1952-1982: A Report by the Cooperative Housing Foundation This report covers CHF's beginnings as an organization promoting cooperative housing in the United States, as well as some of  CHF's earliest work internationally in countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Swaziland, Tanzania, Jamaica, Panama, Haiti, Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Domican Republic, Ecuador, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Thailand. Read the full report here.
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