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Partners for Good is a Jordanian NGO, and a member of the Global Communities family.

Partners for Good (PfG) aims at innovating and leading approaches that empower youth,women and marginalized groups economically and socially, providing them with skills and opportunities to become self-sufficient active citizens. It envisions a world where people own an opportunity to live and prosper with dignity.

Partners for Good is a spin-off to two of Global Communities’ successful youth and child programs including, Combating Exploitative Child Labor through Education (CECLE) and MENA Youth Empowerment Strategy (MENA YES). With the completion of the Caterpillar Foundation-funded MENA YES program, Global Communities sought a viable way to carry forward in Jordan the learning and methodologies that have been the foundations of its successful programs in child labor, youth empowerment and workforce development. Partners for Good is a joint owner with the Vitas Group of Partners for Finance, a micro lending facility, of which 80% of its profits are channeled to Partners for Good.

PfG as such has cumulative organizational experience from the following three entities:

VITAS Jordan:

Vitas Jordan has grown since 1998, when it started as a program of Global Communities (formerly CHF International) and USAID, designed to bring microfinance to the residents of Southern Jordan. In response to the great demand that came out of these communities, the program transformed into a permanent institution, MEMCC (Middle East Micro Credit Company), which has served people in need across the entire country since 2003.

Combating Exploitative Child Labor through Education (CECLE):

Funded by the US Department of Labor, the goal of CECLE, a project launched in 2008 and ended in 2012, was to remove children from the worst forms of child labor and prevent additional children from entering into such dangerous activities, while providing them with direct educational services and other non-formal education. Through CECLE, Global Communities also strengthened policies on child labor and education and built the capacity of national institutions, raised awareness on the importance of education and supported research on child labor.

MENA Youth Empowerment Strategy Program:

In 2013, Global Communities, in partnership with the Caterpillar Foundation, launched the MENA Youth Empowerment Strategy (MENA-YES), a three-year, $4.5 million program to prepare vulnerable youth in Jordan, Lebanon and Yemen for the labor market. It placed emphasis on creating systemic and sustainable change within its local partners. The program reached out to around 2,000 disadvantaged youth aged 15-29, with an emphasis on low and medium-skilled individuals, particularly women. The goals of MENA-YES were to: Link employers, training providers and jobseekers to re-align curricula to meet market demand and develop meaningful skills that result in better job placement; promote entrepreneurship; and encourage pro-employment and pro-entrepreneurship policies.