Global Communities, Intel and Arab Community College Partner to Equip Youth with Entrepreneurial Skills

Silver Spring, MD – Global Communities, Intel and Arab Community College have entered into a partnership to provide young Jordanians pursuing technical and vocational education with Intel’s Learn Program to enhance their entrepreneurial skills with an eye toward better employment prospects.

Under its MENA-Youth Empowerment Strategy Program supported by the Caterpillar Foundation, Global Communities works to prepare youth for the job market through building partnerships between the private sector and training institutions to enhance programs to better meet labor demand. MENA-YES has built a number of partnerships to enhance youth technical and employability skills in different sectors. One such partnership has been with the Arab Community College (ACC) which aims to empower youth with technical and soft skills in the electrical and mechanical sector, and the renewable energy sector.

The partnership aims to help youth develop an entrepreneurial mindset and expose them to soft skills coupled with technological and financial literacy, skills currently deemed necessary for success by the private sector in Jordan.

“Jordan’s economy greatly consists of small-medium enterprises, and with unemployment on the rise, it is absolutely crucial  that graduates of educational institutions  are exposed to entrepreneurial thinking to help  advance economic growth and financial independence of young Jordanians of this generation and the  next,” said  Waleed Al Tarawneh, Program  Director of Global Communities in Jordan. 

The Intel Learn Program supported by Global Communities is aimed at young Jordanians who have graduated from the ACC’s diploma degree and training center programs. Designed especially for young learners in developing countries, the program extends learning beyond the classroom and teaches youth the skills they need to succeed in today’s economy, with a focus on technology literacy, problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork.

During its first year, the Intel Learn Program will educate 500 youth currently receiving tailored training modules in ACC’s diploma degree and training center programs.