Supporting Agricultural Development in Lebanon

Supporting Agricultural Development in Lebanon

The USDA 416-b Program - Part I (2001 - 2002)
The USDA 416-b Program (Part I) was awarded to CHF in January 2001 and was completed in July 2002. It was a community-based development program focusing on the agricultural infrastructure, managed through a “cluster project committee” approach. The program was funded by United States Department of Agricultural and managed by Mercy Corps. As part of the USDA 416-b program, CHF administered a total amount of $930,000.

In coordination with REDI, CHF International designed and implemented this program to construct/rehabilitate agricultural roads, rehabilitate public parks, plant trees, subsidize seed distribution, construct and equip agricultural co-ops and dairy farms, establish thyme farms, and construct and line three irrigation lakes. In total 43 projects were completed for a total cost of $1.3 million, with $694,147 from CHF and $634,252 leveraged from partners, including local VCs, co-ops, and municipalities.

Program Results:
The program constructed and rehabilitated two public parks, planted 14,870 trees, distributed 32 tons of organic fertilizers, and established three irrigation lakes. Achievements include:

  • 472 hectares irrigated through new/ rehabilitated water supplies, restored, and accessed through new opened/ rehabilitated agricultural roads
  • 342 farmers benefited from new/ upgraded agricultural facilities and 350 benefited from agricultural inputs
  • 3,010 farmers benefited from equipment, machinery and accessories
  • 408.5 person months (PM) of employment were generated

Agro-Business and Community Infrastructure - ABCI Program USDA 416-b Program - Part II
(2002 - 2003)

The Agri-Business and Community Infrastructure Program (ABCI) was awarded to CHF in March 2002 and was completed in October 2003. The program was also funded by USDA and managed by Mercy Corps. As part of the USDA 416-b program Part II, CHF is administering a total amount of $699,738.

The ABCI program funded by USDA focused on the economic development of target communities through investing in agri-business and community infrastructure by diversifying economic opportunities, improving and rehabilitating agricultural infrastructure and increasing disposable incomes. Projects included establishing and equipping a fish feed production center, constructing irrigation lakes, constructing irrigation canals, constructing agricultural roads and improving an eco-tourism site.

Program Results:
ABCI also developed an eco-tourism site surrounding the El-Qamouh in Hermel to protect Lebanon’s natural heritage. 4,000 trees were planted and an artificial lake with an irrigation system was installed. As a result of this program’s activities, CHF strengthened its collaboration with the local communities, and municipalities of the villages in addition to the following the overall results:

  • 2,785 Clients and 7 villages served through project activities
  • Improved access to 15,000 hectares of agricultural lands with 85 hectares irrigated and 20 protected
  • 24,000 trees planted
  • Two new business created
  • US $231,108 in local circulation through project activities
  • 177 PM of employment were generated
  • Increased co-op membership as program successes were recognized