Global Communities’ Neighborhood Reconstruction Program Highlighted as Effective Use of Aid in Haiti

Earlier this month the House Foreign Affairs Committee convened to discuss to effectiveness of US aid in Haiti in response to the January 2010 earthquake. The bulk of the hearing centered on questions emerging from a highly critical report produced by the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) on the impact of USAID-funded interventions to date. While numerous challenges were noted and benchmarks were unmet, USAID’s Acting Assistant Administrator for Latin America and the Caribbean Elizabeth Hogan highlighted the Global Communities project in Ravine Pintade as an example effective aid. Explaining that the project resulted in the rehabilitation of 620 homes, improved drainage and sanitation, creation of footbridges, street lighting and rainwater harvesting systems; Hogan touted it as effective solution using a neighborhood approach for rebuilding.

To learn more, please view the full proceedings below.
Note: The actual proceedings start at 15:00, mention of the Global Communities’ program in Ravine Pintade starts at 2:29:00 (Direct link to 2:29)

To see the results of the Global Communities' program in Ravine Pintade and hear stories from the residents living there now, please view the short video below.