VIP Profile: Peter Ray

VIP Profile: Peter Ray

Serbia, December 2002

Assisting with Community Revitalization in the Municipal and Environmental Sectors

The Community Revitalization through Democratic Action (CRDA) Program began in Serbia in 2001. The program was aimed at revitalizing social and economic conditions in Serbian communities through training of community members in leadership, democratic participation, and economic planning. The five main goals of the program are: increased civic participation, environmental improvement and awareness, economic development and income generation, improved infrastructure, and the involvement of women in development.
In December 2002, Visiting International Professional Peter Ray, and municipal and environmental advisor, traveled to Serbia to assist with CHF’s CRDA program. His objective was to assist CHF staff in Serbia to develop a general methodology for community-based environmental improvements and to train and assist CHF staff on the general framework for implementing that environmental methodology.
Peter Ray traveled to the various operational centers in Serbia to explore with staff different approaches to environmental initiatives, and visited CRDA-target communities to become familiar with local concerns and expectations regarding environmental problems and initiatives. He also investigated potential collaboration with federal government and municipal officials, environmental NGOs, and other interested parties, and worked to establish contacts with these potential partners.
By the end of his work with CHF in Serbia, Peter Ray developed a methodology for implementing community-based environmental improvements that allowed for the participation of community members and partners. He then trained CHF staff in the concepts and basic techniques regarding implementation of the methodology, and trained technical experts in CHF’s operational centers.