Community Revitalization: A History of CHF International’s Democracy Building Initiatives

reportCommunity Revitalization: A History of CHF International’s Democracy Building Initiatives

In many places in the world, people struggle to survive with inadequate and unhealthy living conditions, lack of economic opportunities, and conflicts. Their voices remain unheard in decision-making processes that directly shape their lives.

Often, people are unable to unite within their communities. Without the power of self-organization by a community, local governments and resources remain untapped and the needs of the community are neglected. International development programs such as those designed by CHF International, a humanitarian and development organization, are making a difference by building environments that teach people how to work together within communities and with municipal levels. Fifty years ago, we founded our organization on a core belief that people, given the right tools, can work together to bring about positive change in their lives. Those tools do not merely leverage material or financial resources, but also promote effective communication, transparent project management, and conflict resolution. We work in low- and moderate income communities struggling with the effects of war, natural disaster, poverty, and lack of economic opportunities.

We prepared this report to capture the evolution, process, and success of our Participatory Action for Community Enhancement (PACE) programs implemented throughout the world. We want to share effective strategies for taking communities from conflict to stability and development.

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