Strengthening Media and Civil Society in Yemen

media trainingStrengthening Media and Civil Society in Yemen

The Engaging Media and Civil Rights Activists in Rights-based issues in Yemen (EMCAR) program, funded by the US State Department's Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL), increased the capacity of Yemeni media and civil society organizations (CSO) to identify, address, and engage the public around social issues related to the rights of women and children with the goal of raising public awareness on these issues to improve the status of women and children throughout the country. 

The program focused on three main objectives to increase the capacity of Yemeni media and CSOs: (1) enhance the ability of national and local media to provide accurate and gender-sensitive reporting; (2) develop the advocacy and leadership skills of CSOs, with a specific emphasis on engaging the media to disseminate their messages; and (3) promote national and local media campaigns on social issues to empower CSOs to disseminate their messages.

By the end of the program, 582 journalists, editors and producers were trained in advanced reporting methods on social issues and 73 CSO participants were trained to engage the media—exceeding palnned training targets. In terms of long-term impact, EMCAR aimed to increase the number of stories printed or broadcast by trainees, the perceived importance of reporting on social issues, the number of CSOs with advocacy and media action plans and the frequency of media coverage for CSO-led events.