Enterprise Development and Strengthening in Romania

The Enterprise Development and Strengthening (EDS) Program, supported by USAID, is working to improve the legal and regulatory environment for micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Romania, increase their competitiveness in the tourism & information technology and communications sectors, and increase access to affordable credit in partnership with CHF’s Romanian microfinance institution, Express Finance.

In the area of legal regulation, CHF has already helped to reduce red tape in the business registration process, co-draft a new microfinance law that has been adopted by the Romanian Parliament, lobbied for MSME-friendly changes to the tax code, labor code, and enterprise law, and established a microfinance coalition to lobby for friendly legislation and regulations.

To increase competitiveness, the EDS program aims to increase economic growth by increasing sales, productivity and jobs in MSMEs. In addition, after an assessment to determine the most competitive industries in Romania, CHF is implementing a multi-year strategy for expansion of the tourism sector and the information & communication technology industry, in partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton.