CHF Haiti: Savané Pistache Market Inauguration (video)

May 27, 2011— “This is not a marketplace, this is a piece of art,” said the President of the Republic of Haiti, Michele Martelly in regard to the Savané Pistache Market in Carrefour-Feuilles, Port-au-Prince. The Savané Pistache market was inaugurated at an event hosted by CHF International, the implementers of the project. With President Martelly, Kenneth H. Merten, the US Ambassador in Haiti; Yves Muscadin Jason, Mayor of Port-au-Prince; Alberto Wilde, Country Director of CHF International Haiti; Claude Pierre-Louise, Executive Director of SOGEBANK Foundation, Henry Morand, United Nations Development Program Representative; and Eliana Nicoloni, Project Initiator partook in the inauguration. The event also welcomed hundreds of Savané Pistache Market vendors and community members.