CHF Haiti Ramping Up Cholera Response

CHF Haiti Ramps Up Cholera Response


PHOTO: CHF staff are reaching out to community members to prevent cholera.

As cholera sweeps through the country, CHF International is deploying its community mobilizers to distribute cholera prevention leaflets, disseminate prevention techniques, and raise awareness of this devastating sickness. We are working in Port-au-Prince, Gonaives and Leogane to target over 37,000 families with cholera prevention techniques. In Gonaives alone over 1,000 households were reached through cholera prevention meetings and 12,000 posters with prevention messages have been distributed. In Port-au-Prince, we are working in four communities: Delmas 32, Ravine Pintade, Ave Poupelard, and Fort National, to disseminate good hygiene and cholera prevention practices, and we are implementing an education campaign based on UNICEF/Ministry of Health approved documents and guidance to further promote healthy habits.

Cholera can be prevented. Effective, quick responses by trained community mobilizers to promote good hygiene practices can reduce the number of serious cases and save lives.

Cholera is caused by the consumption of contaminated water, and last week’s Hurricane Tomas exacerbated already precarious conditions by washing polluted matter into the water supply. Untreated, cholera can kill within hours by causing severe diarrhea and dehydration. To date, over 900 people have died and almost 15,000 hospitalized.

CHF International has been working in Haiti since 2006 through the infrastructure creation and economic development program KATA. Working with communities, we have employed over 128,000 Haitians. After the January 12, 2010 earthquake we immediately began rubble removal, cash-for-work, and transitional shelter programming, and our commitment to Haiti goes far beyond a response to immediate needs, to genuine redevelopment and long-term sustainable thinking.

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