Success Story: CHF Opens New Healthy Market in Indonesia

market vendorOn June 25, 2010, the mayor of Makassar officially opened the new Panakkukang Healthy Market. With funding from the Australian Government (AusAID) and in collaboration with government of Makassar City, the new market is one of two pilot markets built by CHF International under the South Sulawesi Healthy Markets program.

The program not only focuses on physical improvements and the new construction of market spaces, but also promotes increased awareness and training for market managers and vendors on sanitary practices and the development of protocols to ensure cleanliness and hygienic standards. By promoting best practices along with critical infrastructure improvements like drainage areas, the Healthy Markets program helps to prevent the transmission of food-borne diseases like avian influenza.

As Gerard Cheong, HIV Program Manager from AusAID noted, improved bio-security in the market has broad positive affects within the community. “If the vendors can maintain bio-security, there will be many people receiving benefits including children who consume healthy chicken and will grow healthy and smart”.