CHF- Haiti Update- June 1st, 2010: CHF Continues Major Cleanup and Job Creation Program in Petit-Goave

CHF-Haiti Update - June 1, 2010: CHF Continues Major Cleanup and Job Creation Program in Petit-Goave

On an overcast and rainy May 25, CHF completed a payroll in Petit-Goave for 740 laborers in its ongoing cash-for-work program.

Workers had spent the past two weeks demolishing crumbled buildings and removing rubble in support of the USAID-funded CLEARS program. At the payroll, CHF paid workers salaries totaling more than US$47,000, accounting for almost US$62 per person. In an area where many homeowners lost most of their belongings and are still digging out their property, CHF's investment in Petit-Goave represents a valuable lifeline for this vulnerable community.

Two participants from Petit-Goave took a few minutes to tell CHF what they thought of the CLEARS program in their city.

cash for work

Jesulene Andre

Ms. Jesulene Andre is a 57-year-old mother of 8 children, one of whom died at age 18 during the January 12 earthquake. "Before the events of January 12, I owned a small business that was, unfortunately, destroyed. I didn't have anything left to do because everything I had was lost. But God saw fit that CHF was there to rescue the unfortunate victims in the affected areas. This program is very useful for me - it is the first time I have participated in such a program, and unfortunately it will only be for a month. With the money I earn, I will pay for part of my children's school tuition. Thank you to everyone responsible for this program."

cash for work

Deliverance Pierrot 

Ms. Deliverance Pierrot is a 55-year-old survivor of the earthquake.

"Before January 12, I had a small business selling food, but I lost everything in the earthquake. With this money, I am going to pay my debts. I can say that if I did not have this program, my situation would be extremely difficult because I have no other options. Even if the work is hard and the sun burns, I am obliged to do this because if I don't, I won't have any money - and without money, a person cannot live. Therefore this program represents something extraordinary. In sum, I would like to thank God and the people responsible for this program, who have permitted me to be a beneficiary today."

CHF will continue CLEARS cash-for-work demolition and rubble removal in Petit-Goave through summer 2010.