CHF-Haiti Blog Update - March 4: Providing Shelter for Haitian Orphans

CHF-Haiti Blog Update March 4: Providing Shelter for Haitian Orphans

Schoolchildren in Haiti

PHOTO: The good natured and extremely well behaved children of the orphanage.

CHF recently built two transitional shelters for a Haitian orphanage called ‘Don D’Amour’. The orphanage is run by the Gina Dolce-Clodomir and her mother. Before the earthquake they looked after 90 children, but many were evacuated to France and Germany, the two main destinations for the orphans, but 30 children were left.

Dolce-Clodomir faced a problem. The buildings around and about had been badly damaged or destroyed and the environment was unsafe. Worst of all, the balcony of their own building was damaged in the earthquake and had become unstable. They could no longer use their building. Rotary International generously supplied them with tents, but that is a very short term solution, especially when the rains come.

An orphanage in Haiti

PHOTO: This transitional shelter for the orphanage is modified to be twice the size of a normal shelter, for its many tiny occupants.

CHF International built two transitional shelters for the children. One is our normal size for a family of five, 20 feet by 10 feet, and the other one is twice that size. The shelters are built of wood and surrounded with high grade specialist plastic. They have doors and windows, sloping roofs, and mosquito proof netting. They are also built on a stable, solid concrete base. The two shelters are built in a garden beside the orphanage, away from unstable buildings. As soon as CHF has finished the latrine, the children will move into these.

Dolce-Clodomir’s aim is to continue growing the orphange. Once the children move away from the main building, they will be able to repair that and also keep working on building gardens and improving the environment for these little ones, before they move on to permanent homes.