Private Sector Partners Aiding CHF's Efforts in Haiti

constructing shelterPrivate Sector Partners Aiding CHF’s Efforts in Haiti

CHF thanks everyone for their generous support for the people of Haiti. We have had an incredible response from the public and also from the private sector. Below, we thank our private sector sponsors:

DLA Piper
DLA Piper, the world’s largest law firm, are matching employee donations to CHF International for our Haiti response, in the amount of $140,000. DLA Piper is a long term supporter of CHF. They gave CHF the funding to launch our Indonesia tsunami reponse which resulted in huge economic benefits for the hard-hit in Aceh, and have provided continual support in our areas of microfinance and governance. Our thanks to DLA Piper.

Oldcastle Materials and CRH
Oldcastle Materials and CRH, leading international construction companies, are also supporting CHF through employee matching, on the basis of CHF’s 4-star Charity Navigator rating, and high efficiency level. Our thanks to Oldcastle Materials and CRH.

Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson have given CHF International a generous donation to enable CHF to immediately respond to Haitian needs through the construction of transitional shelters. Johnson & Johnson are a long-term supporter of CHF and their continued support to the needs of the people of Haiti is invaluable.

Intel have donated a number of their 2gopc laptops to CHF and, through CHF, to the national and local government of Haiti, to help with the recovery process and to build the capacity of the government, which lost many buildings and much equipment in the earthquake. They have given 30 machines to CHF and are giving 70 to the Ministries and Mayors of Haiti, incredibly helpful in rebuilding the infrastructure of information lost in the disaster. 

Steel Elements, Inc
Steel Elements, Inc., a corporations specializing in light gauge steel, have donated to CHF a sample structure for use creating transitional schools, clinics or homes. The sturdy hurricane and earthquake proof structure will be used as a pilot public building to provide much needed infrastructure for transitional, shelter-based communities.

Harris Corporation
Harris Corporation are partnering with CHF International to bring advanced and assured communications to the relief efforts in Haiti. They have donated hi-tech equipment to CHF and other agencies involved and the expertise to implement it. 

Another company with which CHF have a long-term relationship, Edelman, the global PR agency, are also matching employee donations to CHF International. CHF thanks Edelman for this invaluable support.

Home Depot
Home Depot have been generously donating to CHF’s efforts in Haiti many in-kind gifts, such as over 400 gas-powered, portable power generators and several hundred thousand surgical/dust masks for use by clean up teams, in an environment permeated with concrete dust. These gifts are key to our shelter and clean up efforts and deeply appreciated.

Caterpillar and CHF have a long-lasting relationship in Haiti. Together, working with Caterpillar’s Haiti dealer, Haytrac, we responded to the lack of skilled local labor, and generated a workplace training curriculum to train Haitians in how to use Caterpillar machinery. Before the earthquake, CHF had overseen the training and graduation of 60 Haitians in these skills. Now Caterpillar have donated the use of their machines and equipment to support rescue and recovery efforts. CHF International is managing this process and, importantly, we are using CHF-trained Haitian Caterpillar operators to undertake the work.

One of the biggest challenges in the Haiti earthquake has been communications.Telephones, the internet, email – communications have been on and off so far. The Motorola Foundation, the charitable and philanthropic arm of Motorola, responded to this by donating to CHF Talkabout two-way radios that are helping our staff to stay in contact and be able to share vital information as we go about our on-the-ground relief efforts in Haiti.

Watersafe, a new product from M. R. Crafts Inc., is a portable method for transporting and distributing water in emergency situations. Watersafe are donating to CHF compact water bladders that can expand to hold 55 gallons of water, as well as water purification tablets to ensure the water given out is clean and healthy. 

NetHope and Inveneo
NetHope is a consortium of 28 leading international development and relief organizations, of which CHF is a member. Working with Inveneo, a San Francisco based ICT company, CHF and NetHope are setting up a communications hub based in CHF’s Port-au-Prince office, that will enable all members of NetHope to communicate through VSAT and long-range WiFi Links. This will improve communications and coordination among relief agencies and improve the delivery of relief to the people of Haiti.

Hitachi Foundation
The Hitachi Foundation has donated $25,000 and 50 handheld power tools for use in the rebuilding efforts.

Share Our Strength
Share our Strength has donated $25,000 to CHF for broad-based Haiti emergency relief.

HELPS International
HELPS International, an integrated poverty reduction organization, has donated 7,000 ONIL water purifying systems that can provide clean potable water for 140,000 people a year.

Thermofisher has donated portable isolation and surge capacity system of two western shelter tents with HVAC capacity to use as an office and storage area that is safe from the elements.

National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA)
NOMA members are donating to CHF to procure tents for the people of Haiti.

Techtronics & Milwaukee Tools
Techtronics and Milwaukee Tools have donated a variety of handheld, battery operated power tools to use in shelter construction.

IckSticks has generously donated some of their compact Noxious Odor control systems for staff to use in rubble removal activities.

CHF International is a leader in public private partnerships in Haiti and around the world. To learn more, please read the article from CNN: U.S. companies rally for Haiti

"We hope corporate America won't just give generously in the first week but on a long-term, sustainable basis," said David Humphries, communications manager at CHF International, a Silver Spring, MD-based nonprofit with about 170 employees on the ground in Haiti. CHF normally spends $25 million a year on infrastructure development and entrepreneurship promotion projects in Haiti, according to Humphries. Since the earthquake, the group has shifted gears to supplying food, water and emergency supplies.