CHF-trained Machine Operators Helping to Rebuild Haiti

CHF-trained Heavy Machine Operators Helping to Rebuild Haiti

CHF-Haytrac teamPHOTO: A few of the 82 heavy machine operators trained by CHF and Haytrac, who are now helping to clear roads and remove debris in Port-au-Prince.

As part of the USAID-funded CHF International KATA program (the objective of which is to promote the advancement of peace and stability through job creation), CHF partnered with HayTrac - the Caterpillar dealership in Haiti – to train young Haitian men and women in heavy machinery operations. 82 young people (68 men and 12 women) participated in the three-month long training sessions and graduated from the program; some obtained internships after the training. (Read more about CHF's private-public partnerships in Haiti.) They were trained on earth movement, but they never expected that training would be so vital to their country so soon. Now they are now doing hands-on training on rubble removal and demolition.

Since last week CHF International has been removing rubble from major thoroughfares in Port-au-Prince and retrieving vital documents from Haitian government buildings. During the first days of this work, the CHF/Haytrac graduates were present to watch and learn from the Caterpillar operators, who are providing tips, guidelines and hands-on training. Yesterday, at the Ministry of Education, the graduates started operating the loader. As more machines become available to CHF, we will be using the training center graduates to undertake the work in their home city. Caterpillar has donated use of machines and staff, and other equipment is being rented from Haytrac.

Miah Andrews and Auriantal AuriolPHOTO: Auriantal Auriol gets guidence from Caterpillar operator, Miah Andrews.

“Our objective here today is to respond to the earthquake that hit us. We see other nations coming to help us and we appreciate this so much, but we as Haitians have to put our hands together, to join together to help our country. We were not thinking that we would have an earthquake. Now because of CHF’s initiative with Maurice Bonnefil Training Center, that we are able to help our country”

Auriantal Auriol



PHOTO: Germaine FilsAimeGermaine FilsAime is one of the 12 women trained by CHF as a heavy machine operator.

“My name is Germaine. I'm here to show my contentment as a woman. Women used to be neglected in this society and CHF has allowed their reintegration by delegating to them the tasks that used to be assured by men. Today, with the earthquake that hit us, we want to put this training at the service of our country. That is the reason why we are out in the streets.”

Germaine FilsAime