CHF International and HELPS International Partner to Provide Clean Water to Haitians in Need

CHF International and HELPS International Partner to Provide Clean Water to Haitians in Need

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DALLAS, January 25, 2010— A Dallas charity is helping meet a critical need in Haiti: pure water.

HELPS International, an integrated poverty reduction organization, is preparing to send 7,000 ONIL Water Purifying Systems to Haiti to provide clean potable water for 140,000 for a year.

“The people in Haiti are in desperate need of clean, potable drinking water,” said Stephen W. Miller, president and CEO of HELPS International. “We are in a race against time and the many diseases caused by drinking contaminated water. Pure water can be the difference between life and death. We need people in the Dallas area to donate $35 for water filters to help Haiti.”

To donate a $35 water purifying system, go to

HELPS International will produce 7,000 water purifier systems in its Guatemalan facility. Each ONIL Water Purifier System provides 10 gallons of safe drinking water in 24 hours, enough for 20 people for a year. The filter removes 100 percent of parasites and 99.99 percent of pathogenic bacteria.

Mr. Miller, who founded both Dillon Gage Inc. and HELPS International, said, “Dillon Gage and its employees believe that business has a role to create stability and prosperity in the world. Clean water is one of the first requirements in Haiti. With a water filter, the aid is done one time and the filter will provide clean water for 20 people all year.”

HELPS International is coordinating with international shipping firm DHL and the Guatemalan military to transport the filters to Haiti. “These filters are a long-lasting solution, even after the current crisis is over,” Mr. Miller said.

To insure that the filters are delivered to the people that need them most, HELPS International is partnering with CHF International, a 58 year old US humanitarian relief and development agency that works in Haiti. CHF International is responding to the earthquake immediately and then will focus on the needs of the people as they transition from basic survival to recovery.

For the past 25 years, HELPS International has worked in Guatemala and Mexico to implement its programs for poverty reduction.