CHF International Asked by Sudanese Government to Leave Darfur

CHF International Asked by Sudanese Government to Leave Darfur

The government of Sudan has revoked the registration of many NGOs working in Sudan. CHF International, the international development and humanitarian assistance organization, is one of those whose license has been revoked.

CHF has been told that it must cease operations and expatriate staff must depart from the country immediately. We are taking all steps necessary to ensure the safety and security of our staff during this process.

CHF International regrets the decision of the Sudanese government and remains committed to working with the Sudanese government in order to continue to provide humanitarian assistance and development to the people of Darfur. CHF hopes that the situation will be resolved in such a way as we are able to continue our life-saving work as soon as possible.

CHF is an independent, neutral organization whose focus is entirely on helping the most vulnerable people in North and South Sudan. CHF has no affiliation with the International Criminal Court in any way and has at no point provided the ICC with any information. Its mission in Sudan is entirely humanitarian in nature, focused on working directly with the most vulnerable people in the camps to help them to restart their lives and livelihoods.

Judith Hermanson, Senior Vice President of CHF International says: ‘This is a terrible setback for the people of Darfur who depend upon the work of CHF International both for immediate relief to their situation, and also for the long-term hopes of regaining self-direction and self-sufficiency in their lives.’

CHF has been working in Sudan since 2004. In Darfur we undertake projects with internally displaced persons to ensure families have reliable food and shelter, necessary HIV/AIDS education, vocational training and fuel efficient stoves that improve women’s safety and opportunities for earning increased income. Over 170,000 people benefit from these programs each year. 

Region: Africa, Sudan
Area of expertise: Shelter, Humanitarian Assistance