Leadership Training in the Philippines

EricLeadership Training in the Philippines

Eric Guetschoff | VIP Assignment, July 2003

Millions of residents in the Philippines are in need of housing. To help address this need, CHF International and the National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO) created a year-long partnership designed to strengthen NATCCO and enhance its cooperative housing development program. One objective of the partnership was to improve the capacity of NATCCO by providing it with expertise in organizational management and housing development.

Eric Guetschoff supported this effort in his second assignment as a Visiting International Professional (VIP) with CHF. Eric conducted leadership training and provided an assessment on the program.

CHF and NATCCO focused on two programs: the Loan Fund Facility and the National Housing Cooperative Resource Center. The Loan Fund was designed to provide a low-risk investment option, and also provided other products and services, such as building development loans for cooperative housing and other commercial projects. The National Housing Cooperative Resource Center was a project established earlier, in 2000, and provided training and consulting services to multipurpose cooperatives wanting to help develop housing. This program was designed to address the lack of housing expertise in the Philippines, and to provide a convenient means for cooperatives to contract specialized work.

Eric reviewed various aspects of both programs, and based on his observations was able to put together an assessment, which included suggestions for development and future strategy to allow for strengthening and sustainability of the programs.

Region: Philippines
Area of expertise: Cooperative Development