Afghan Mother Awarded Global Microentrepreneurship Award

Afghan Mother Wins Global Microentrepreneurship Award


Zainab Barat Painda Khan is a mother of six who worked as a carpet weaver at home, generating an average of $70 a month with which to help support her family, while her husband worked in the city as a laborer. Despite both their efforts, the couple could not afford to send their children to school; instead, they had to forgo education to help with the weaving at home. Still, when a female CHF loan officer suggested that Zainab join a lending group, the family was hesitant.
Within months of joining, however, Zainab’s resolve had paid off. With a $300 loan, Zainab purchased materials and equipment that helped increase her income by 70%. With the profits, she successfully repaid her loan and sent her children back to school. Now, she is encouraging other women in the village to apply for loans to support their home-based businesses as well.
In November 2005, Zainab was awarded the 2005 Global Microentrepreneurship Award by the United Nations for her achievements and perseverance as a small business-owner in rural Afghanistan.