Reopening of Jangka Buya Fish and Vegetable Market in Pidie Jaya District, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam

The community of Jangka Buya welcomed the new Jangka Buya Fish and Vegetable Market on December 14, 2007. The market was severely damaged by the December 2004 earthquake and tsunami. CHF International handed over the reconstructed market to the community in a ceremony attended by members of the community, local government officials, representatives of the American Red Cross, vendors of the market and community leaders. Speaking at the ceremony were Bapak Salman Ishak, the Bupati of Pidie Jaya district; Bapak Mahdi, the camat of Jangka Buya; Bapak M. Nasir, senior monitoring and evaluation officer of the American Red Cross; and Chiara Vaccaro, CHF International/Indonesia’s Markets Program Manager.

The Jangka Buya Market is the eighth market of a total of 15 markets which will be reconstructed or rehabilitated under the Healthy Markets Program in Aceh. The fish and vegetable vendors, nearly half of whom are women, are now organized into a market management committee dedicated to maintaining a clean and prosperous market facility.

In partnership with the American Red Cross, the Healthy Markets Program ensures that health and sanitation are a key component of the rehabilitated markets. As such, the market includes not only a bore well and water tower to provide continuous access to water for cleanliness, but each individual vendor has a sink with running water built into their table to ensure cleanliness while working with clients. A rainwater collection system is incorporated into the overall market to conserve water as well.

During her remarks at the ceremony, CHF’s Chiara Vaccaro said, “It is a proud moment to be handing over the Jangka Buya market, which could not have been a success without the constant and strong support of the community. CHF will continue to support the community, vendors and the government in your commitment to maintaining a healthy and prosperous marketplace.”