Conducting Impact and Market Research in Ethiopia

Conducting Impact and Market Research in Ethiopia

Florence Wagner, Mekdes Feleke, and David Wagner | VIP Assignment, June 2005

After significant drought conditions affected about 14 million people from rural communities in Ethiopia, CHF International responded by establishing programs focusing on livelihood recovery and income generation. One of the programs, called Generating Employment and Building Independence (GEBI), delivered resources and training to over 14,000 vulnerable households. It supported participants to increase income and assets, while providing capacity-building support to government officials. Through another program, Gurage Livelihood and Agricultural Development (GLAD), farmers were trained in modern methods of diversifying their farming activities, such as the hay-box chick brooder, which increases reproduction of chicks by 70%, and multi-purpose tree planting, which provides communities with fruit, fodder, fuel and the prevention of soil erosion.

In 2005, three local volunteers helped CHF International evaluate the results of their programs in Ethiopia. This was done as part of CHF’s Visiting International Professionals (VIP) program.

Florence Wagner helped implement the GEBI program by developing monitoring and evaluation tools. She also trained local CHF staff in their use, and provided consultation on the design and direction of baseline survey, conducted jointly with the USAID.

Similarly, in the GLAD program, Mekdes Feleke designed and implemented a survey to determine the results and impacts of the program on its target beneficiaries. This survey was also incorporated into the baseline survey for the GEBI program.

David Wagner assisted in the design and implementation of an Ethiopian Market Basket Survey to be regularly disseminated to local farmers and agricultural producers to help them identify markets for their goods. He also had the opportunity to interview stakeholders under GLAD and GEBI to identify future program development initiatives.