Promoting Economic Opportunities for At-Risk Youth

With the support of the Alcoa Community Foundation, CHF implemented the Youth Engagement for Advancing Hope (YEAH) program in Ciudad Acuña. Through YEAH, CHF engaged vulnerable youth by providing the promise of long-term job opportunities as an alternative to violence.

Improving Housing Conditions for Low-Income Workers

From 2001 - 2006, CHF implemented a program, which helped employees of Maquiladora factories on the US-Mexico border to make home improvements. The project is implemented through a local NGO, FUNHAVI, that has been created, trained and mentored by CHF, to gradually take over administration of the program. Through the program, CHF and FUNHAVI made over 3,000 loans totaling over US $4 million. With a 98% loan repayment rate, the program has demonstrated the capacity of the beneficiaries, who did not traditionally have access to credit, to participate successfully in a housing loan program.