Li Beirut Initiative to Assist Those Displaced by the Beirut Explosion


Help the victims of the Beirut August 2020 explosion, particularly by providing basic shelter assistance to survive and recover.


Li Beirut aims to provide relief to the victims of the Beirut August 2020 explosion, to restore their dwellings to a basic form of habitability, and to reduce the number of homeless and displaced victims.

About us:

Li Beirut is a charitable initiative started by Vitas Lebanon in partnership with Global Communities along with Saradar Foundation and other local non-governmental organizations to provide support to the victims of the August 2020 explosion. Vitas Lebanon is a longstanding provider of microfinance services to under-privileged and vulnerable segments of the Lebanese population, committed to a mission of social and developmental outcomes.

Vitas Lebanon renewed its unwavering commitment to the local community, and created Li Beirut as a fundraising mechanism to support the victims of the Beirut Explosion.

Vitas Lebanon:

Vitas Lebanon’s commitment to social development is central to its existence. First established as an NGO through a cooperative agreement with USAID in 1999, Vitas Lebanon then became a services company in 2004, and now operates as a non-bank financial institution. Over the years, Vitas Lebanon has provided financial services to the most vulnerable segments of the Lebanese population, particularly women, youth, and the under-privileged in rural areas. Vitas Lebanon’s role within the Lebanese community has been instrumental as a catalyst of positive long-lasting change.

In the wake of the catastrophe following the explosion of the Beirut Port, which resulted in unprecedented human and material losses and damages, Vitas Lebanon feels compelled to respond in keeping with its humanitarian mission. The institution is firmly convinced that it has an active and leading role to play within affected communities to help them overcome the hardship and challenges the coming period will impose. Therefore, capitalizing on years of development and human assistance, and community involvement, Vitas will commit its whole infrastructure and expertise in the service and support of the victims of the Beirut explosion.

Saradar Foundation:

Fondation Saradar is non-profit organization driven by solidarity and humanism. The mission of the fondation is to contribute to the development of Lebanese citizens, promote social welfare and drive solutions for challenges facing the people of Lebanon. Since its creation in 2000, the fondation has remained agile and adaptive to societal changes. As part of efforts to overcome the Lebanese severe economic crisis, and following the horrific Beirut blast, fondation Saradar has recently launched the Food Security Program and the Beirut Relief Program to support the people of Lebanon.

Proposed Activity:

The Beirut explosion caused damage of epic proportions, including more than 6,000 buildings badly damaged and approximately 300,000 displaced people. Estimated material damages total more than $5 billion, and a variety of sectors and industries continue to incur further inestimable indirect economic effects. The explosion could not have come at a more critical time, as Lebanon is suffering from an all-time severe economic crisis, amplified further by the repercussions of the COVID pandemic on the collapsing economy.

To this effect, Vitas launched the Li Beirut initiative to fundraise key activities aimed to allow beneficiaries to survive and regain access to shelters, with focus on rehabilitating their own homes. It will be crucial as winter and the rainy season could easily arrive before sheltering the displaced is complete. Further, the Li Beirut initiative plans to donate to the displaced for housing repairs to allow them to reoccupy their own dwellings, with basic habitability as a baseline. This will provide a stopgap toward additional time-consuming reconstruction, especially under current economic circumstances.

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