Global Communities began working in Iraq in June 2003, just two months after the end of Saddam Hussein’s government. The Iraqi people were facing a host of challenges in rebuilding the political, social and economic institutions of their society in recovering from years of conflict.

CHF Vitas Iraq

For years, Iraq’s small entrepreneurs and home-owners were excluded from mainstream financial services, and relied on local moneylenders who often charged prohibitively high interest rates, to fill gaps in their finances that couldn’t be met through friends or family. With the aim of stimulating the Iraqi economy, in 2003 Global Communities created the Access to Credit Services Initiative (ACSI), now operating as CHF Vitas Iraq, a major development finance institution that provides loans to Iraqi entrepreneurs and home-owners to expand their businesses or improve their living conditions. With access to fair financial services, now some of Iraq’s most vulnerable are improving their quality of life; enhancing their financial stability and personal safety, and improving their local economies in hundreds of communities across Iraq. Operating in 11 governorates – including the cities of Baghdad, Karbala, Najaf and Basra – CHF Vitas Iraq is currently the largest microfinance provider in Iraq.

Iraq Middle Market Development Foundation (IMMDF)

IMMDF was created in 2004 by Global Communities at the initiative of the United States Government and with the support of Overseas Private Investment Corporation, to finance projects of Iraqi private small and medium-size enterprises that generate employment and economic growth in Iraq (SMEs). Through its offices in Erbil, Kurdistan, and Amman, Jordan, IMMDF is the only organization in Iraq that provides medium and long term financing to private sector SMEs in Iraq.


Strengthening Local Goverance and Promoting Citizen Engagement

With funding from USAID, Global Communities implemented the Governance Strengthening Program (GSP) to help provincial and local governments be more responsive to community needs. The program focused on institutional strengthening for targeted provincial and local governments, while promoting executive oversight to hold government ministries accountable for improved services. From 2003 - 2010, Global Communities implemented three phases of the USAID-funded Community Action Program (CAP). Under CAP, thousands of community-driven, infrastructure repair and development projects were complted in Iraq. Based on our experience working creating Community Action Groups (CAGs), the program helped to ensure the involvement of local NGOs and community-based organizations, including a special focus on the participation of women.

The Marla Fund

Global Communities was one of four NGO partners through which the US government provided assistance to Iraqi communities that suffered losses as a result of military operations. By partnering with Iraqi communities and community leaders, Global Communities provided economic and housing assistance through the Marla Ruzicka Iraqi War Victims Fund