Global Communities Green Initiatives

In 2017, in part based on polling that showed climate change as a priority concern for staff worldwide, Global Communities established a ClimateSmart Task Force with the goal of promoting environmentally responsible and sustainable actions and solutions in all our offices. The Task Force, which eventually took on the name Green Team, established a set of values that were in alignment with Global Communities’ organizational values:

  • to conducting business in socially responsible and sustainable ways.
  • in reducing, reusing and recycling resources and wastes.
  • to like-minded organizations and individuals, sharing green knowledge and challenges, and combining efforts.
  • in believing that together, our staff can make Global Communities a greener place to work, and the world a better place to live.

In 2018, Global Communities made the decision to apply for Green Business certification from Montgomery County. The Green Team developed a set of green purchasing policies as well as a three-year plan to promote responsible and sustainable actions and solutions. Other actions in that year included hosting an Earth Day event and setting up composting stations to reduce waste in our office in Silver Spring.

In April 2019, Montgomery County accepted Global Communities application. Elements of our three-year plan include the following:green

  • Elimination of single use plastic kitchenware, bottles, straws and the like.  This effort goes to a broader societal challenge of keeping plastic out of human and animal food chains and out of our oceans.
  • Reduce paper usage and transition to more recycled content. This will be achieved by identifying ways to improve electronic storage and management of documents, and measuring paper usage and regularly report to staff challenges and successes of paper reduction and transition to recycled content.
  • Increase employee environmental awareness. We will establish annual survey to solicit and track green ideas and gauge staff commitment to sustainability. We will also provide information and spark initiatives to help staff green their personal lives.
  • Roll out green initiative to one or more field offices. We will solicit applications from our overseas field offices and choose those that best meet the green initiative requirements, and assist field offices in implementing their green initiative.

For more information about Global Communities, please visit our website at or email the Green Team at